Never Have I Ever S1 E7 & E8 Recap & AfterShow: Rollercoaster of Love

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It’s the complicated Life of an Indian American teenager in this show from Mindy Kaling! We’re all in, because Never Have I Ever not covered something Kaling! Join the NEVER HAVE I EVER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST every week to break the series down episode by episode with plot discussions, conversations on relatability, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

On episodes 7 and 8 of Never Have I Ever, we’re taken on many rollercoasters of emotions. First off, we get on the roller coaster of Eleanor’s mom Joyce, who’s kind of a flake and basically exposes Eleanor and Devi. We’re then treated to a rollercoaster of positive emotions when Fab finally comes out to her mom. Also, Devi gets reprimanded by Nilani and Joyce leaves Eleanor yet again for the brights lights of broadway. Devi is then faced with a difficult decision between her friends and Paxton, and in Devi fashion, she chooses Paxton. Turns out Paxton’s “emergency” was just a photoshoot for his sister and since Devi never showed up for Eleanor, their friendship starts to fall apart. Meanwhile, it’s Ben’s birthday and he throws a huge party at his parents request. At this party, we really get on a wild rollercoaster with Fab being outed, Devi falling into a pool, and Paxton coming to save the day. In the end, Paxton drops Devi home before her curfew, but not before giving her a goodnight kiss.

All this and more on the Never Have I Ever AfterShow hosted by Bryant Santos (@thebryantsantos), Shiksha Mahtani (@iambollygirl), and Trina Dong (@heytrinadong).

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