Never Have I Ever S1 E3 & E4 Recap & AfterShow: Coyotes and Loaded Tots & There’s No Place Like Princeton

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It’s the complicated Life of an Indian American teenager in this show from Mindy Kaling! We’re all in, because Never Have I Ever not covered something Kaling! Join the NEVER HAVE I EVER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST every week to break the series down episode by episode with plot discussions, conversations on relatability, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Ep 3

The episode opens with an epic TikTok style music video starring the dynamic trio, which obviously got broken up by Devi’s mom. Dreams come true when Paxton asks Devi to be in his group for a class project. Turns out it’s because he knows she’ll get them a good grade, but she’ll take what she can get. She sees a coyote in her yard and decides that it’s her father coming to check on her. Fast forward to Paxton’s friend’s house party, when she decides to get up close and personal then it attacks her. Paxton rushes her to the hospital and makes their friendship public with an Instagram post. Kamala binged a lot of Riverdale and decided to give Steve a chance. She lured him back in with their favorite order from the Cheesecake Factory, loaded tots. We end with Fabiola speaking through a robot saying she’s gay.

Ep 4

It’s time for Ganesh Puja that’s being held at Devi’s high school. She’s dreading going and when she arrives, she’s doing what she can to not have fun. Meanwhile, her mom is trudging through a lot of shade with the other moms. Kamala found someone to confide in about arranged marriage and seems to be rethinking her decisions. Devi finally got FaceTime with Ron, who supposedly can help her get into Princeton. Unfortunately, she screamed at him because he was insisting that she uses her father’s death story as her way in, so there goes that! Devi runs into Paxton in the hallway as she’s kicking the lockers. He told her she looked good in her outfit, and that’s all she needed to get through the day.

Today’s show was hosted by Shiksha Mahtani, Bryant Santos, and Trina Dong.

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