Never Have I Ever S1 E1 & E2 Recap & AfterShow: Glamorous Women of Color Who Deserve a Sexy High School Life & The Hot Pocket is Not Just A Snack, it’s A Whole Buffet

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It’s the complicated Life of an Indian American teenager in this show from Mindy Kaling! We’re all in, because Never Have I Ever not covered something Kaling! Join the NEVER HAVE I EVER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST every week to break the series down episode by episode with plot discussions, conversations on relatability, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode 1
We’re first introduced to Devi and her family. Sadly, she lost her father during a band concert and she has yet to grieve the traumatizing experience. After losing feeling in her legs for three months, she’s back at school for sophomore year and is determined to rebrand with her best friends, Fabiola and Eleanor. She decides that they all need boyfriends to up their cred. We meet her therapist, Dr. Ryan (Niecy Nash), who tells her perhaps it’s a better idea to do something she can control instead of forcing a boyfriend. So, she does the obvious, and asks the hottest guy in school, Paxton, to have sex with her. He casually agrees and we’re off to the races for the rest of the season!
Episode 2
The girls are doing exactly what they decided to do. Eleanor has a boyfriend and Fabiola is going on a date. Devi decides to embellish to her friends about Paxton, telling them he’s the one that went after her. Kamala is going through something a bit different, she’s getting ready for a call with the parents of her potential arranged marriage. We also get a sneak peak of Fabiola eying a female student. We were blessed with meeting the hot pocket, the group of very attractive, diverse young men at their school. Things went haywire with Paxton and Devi’s agreement, ending with him calling off the plan. We hope that’s not the end of Daxton!
Hosted by Trina Dong & Bryant Santos.

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