Netflix‘s New Show Brews Brothers: A Good Buzz or a Wicked Hangover? – S1 E1 & E2 ’Brews Brothers’ Recap & Review

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Bring making and running a brewery couldn’t be easier for Wilhelm and Adam… or could it? Join the shenanigans on Brews Brothers on netflix, and join us every episode as we break them down! On the BREWS BROTHERS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTERSHOW, we’re discussing each and every episode alongside special segments, news and gossip, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Episode 1 recap:
Will “Wilhem” Rodman is trying to keep is failing bar afloat and is surprised to see his estranged brother Adam “Oxy” Rodman arrive. After Adam botches an interview with a distributor to get Adam’s beers in other bars and restaurants, the brothers are given a second chance and have to create a new beer for the distributors to try. Adam and Will go about making their beer in different manners, one through a trusted process and one a more scientific approach, creating two new drinks to try. When Adam pees in Will’s drink to try and sabotage him, it backfires when the distributor chooses the drink with urine in it to get distributed.

Episode 2 recap:
After a beer distributor chooses Adam’s tainted beer with urine in it, Adam and Will struggle to recreate Will’s beer without having Adam pee in the batch. Chuy tries to help get more patrons at the bar, but it backfires when the benefits only help himself instead of Will.  Adam starts thinking something is up with Sarah and starts digging around and it is revealed that Sarah lied about her age to get her job at the bar and is only 19. Before Will is able to fully fire Sarah, she blackmails him into keeping her as part of the staff by saying that she would report him for hiring a minor.

  • Todays show was hosted by Allyssa Dickert, Loren Kling, and Eric Jewell.
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