Netflix’s ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ Stars Dish Their Advice for Couples!

The cast of Netflix’s ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ share their advice for couples on buying homes and planning weddings in our exclusive interview with the stars! 

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Posted On: March 20th, 2021 5:34 pm pst

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Advice from Marriage To Mortgage

Credit: Netflix

Every engaged couple dreams of walking down the aisle and having their first dance at a romantic wedding, then heading home to start their life in the house of their dreams. But what happens when you can only pick one?

The couples of Netflix’s latest reality hit Marriage or Mortgage are tasked with making that decision as Nashville realtor Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller compete to show them the dreamiest, grandest vision for their future: a home suited to all their needs, or a wedding that could’ve been torn from the pages of a bridal magazine. The engaged couples can either choose to put their budget toward a downpayment or a wedding.

AfterBuzz TV talked to the Marriage or Mortgage stars who had to make that decision and got their best advice for couples making that choice themselves:

Emily and Braxton

Emily: “Definitely don’t stress about it; exactly how it’s supposed to be played out is exactly how it will. The big thing is just truly following what you believe is in your heart and listening to wise counsel, but it will definitely play out how it’s supposed to.”

Braxton: “Have fun. Don’t stress. I’d tell young couples to just go ahead and get married!”

Cindy and Karla

Cindy: “Communication is going to be key. You’re going to have to be honest about what each of you is feeling, and realize just because right now you’re choosing one over the other in no way means you cannot have both because you absolutely can.”

Karla: “It’s just where people are at the time, whether they want to invest the money in a down payment or money in a home, but you definitely can have both. There’s no bad choice there, no one or the other; you can have them both and be happy with both. You don’t have to settle. You can have it if you want it.”

Antonio and Raven

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Antonio: “I feel like it’s just all about the timing; the space that you’re in with your finances, if you really need a house, stuff like that. It was a good thinking process.”

Raven: “Do what makes you happy. That is the only advice that we have; whatever makes you happy, whatever decision you can make for you and your family and you can live with it, do it. You only have one life to live. So enjoy your life. Enjoy whatever decisions that you make.”

Whitney and Alex

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Whitney: “I would say be completely and utterly honest with each other as to what is a make it or break it. What’s most important now?”

Alex: “And be true to you as a couple. Don’t take others’ opinions and make that your decision just because people think it’s crazy to choose a wedding over a house or vice versa.”

Whitney: “But I would say consider what’s important for you now and what’s important for your future, and that might include a house is more important for your future or showing your love and getting married is more important. I think that’s the best advice. Because we were very honest with each other in front of the camera and behind the camera about where we were at mentally and emotionally with both decisions. So come together as a couple and move forward with the decision that you made.”

Alex: “Both are big decisions. You can’t go wrong with either one, but just be true to you as a couple and what y’all want to do.”

Hayley and Andrew

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Hayley: “You just have to do what’s best for you and your relationship and your future, and for us that was investing in a property in the neighborhood that we wanted to build a family in. You know yourself and your partner the best and you just have to make the right decision for the two of you.”

Brittany and Scott

Scott: “I would say it’s such a tough dynamic, right? Because on one hand you have your future where you’re considering a house which is an investment in the long-term, whereas a wedding is more right here right now. It’s a big decision. This is something that we ourselves had a big dilemma with going through this process. So for me, what I would say is find out what is going to make the most impact now. And what I mean by that is, is having a big celebration of all your friends and family what you guys want to have? And you will be able to have a house, it just may take a little bit longer time. What’s more important? So for us, having family close by and living together in a house was more important this time, and kind of delayed the wedding a little bit.”

Brittany: “I think the best advice would be just as Scott says: the most important things that couples need to realize is that it’s about them. Because there are so many external influencers when you are going through the process of deciding on if you’re going to have a wedding or picking a house. For me personally, first it starts off with the question, ‘When are you guys going to get married?’ And then ‘When are you going to have kids?’ So you just really have to know your person and just drown out those other voices, and if you’re going to be happy with the house, get the house. If you’re going to be happy with the wedding, then do the wedding. But just make sure that’s what you and your significant other want to do.”

All ten episodes of Marriage or Mortgage are streaming on Netflix now.

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