Netflix Dramedy ‘Emily in Paris’ Review!

Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ starring Lily Collins is the fun dramedy we could all use in quarantine

Reasons why Friday is gonna be a good day: 1) the week is finally over, but more importantly 2) Emily in Paris is coming to Netflix!

Emily in Paris is a comedy-drama series that follows a young social media marketer from the midwest named Emily (Lily Collins) who is sent to Paris to provide an American perspective to a small marketing firm and becomes an Instagram influencer in the process. Naturally, not everything goes to plan — Emily’s Parisian coworkers don’t like her, she and her boyfriend have to navigate long distance, and there are many, many hot French men to complicate everything.

The pilot got off to a rocky start. I didn’t sympathize with Emily, the American girl next door self insert protagonist, and actually agreed with her French coworkers who were supposed to be the antagonists. I found Emily annoying and too naive, and if she came to work at my French marketing firm without speaking any French and trying to push her American ideals on me I would shittalk her too! I also found the narrative to be boring and predictable; they tried to make a classic story arc fresh with the French twist but it still felt like it had been done before to the point where I could predict almost every line and story beat before they happened. In addition, I’m a huge fan of Lily Collins, but I felt that her acting fell flat. Nothing she said or did felt genuine in the slightest, and I think that added to why I didn’t like the main character.

However, once I started episode two, I was SOLD. If you can get through the pilot, I promise you’ll fall head over heels for the rest of the series. Emily in Paris is packed with hot people you’ll love to look at, multiple romance plots, fun antics, big questions, interpersonal conflict, humor, and so much more. For fans of fashion, not only is there a fashion plotline but even outside of that you’ll love getting outfit inspo from Emily’s gorgeous looks, and fans of Lily Collins will recognize Emily’s selfie poses from the actor’s own Instagram account. The show also gives fans a good good slow burn romance plot that will have you yelling at the screen, and by the season one finale you’ll be left feeling not only satisfied, but desperately wanting a season two.

Emily in Paris is the perfect watch for a girls’ night in — as Emily drinks wine around the city, you and your girlfriends can drink along with her! The show’s creator Darren Star is known for Beverly Hills, 90210, Sex and the City, and Younger, so you just know how much fun you’ll have watching his latest project. With 10 episodes clocking in at around a half hour each, Emily in Paris is perfectly bingeable and great for living vicariously during COVID. While the plot and tropes can be predictable, yes, but in a time like this when everything is unprecedented sometimes that’s exactly what you need. I really loved watching Emily in Paris, and I’d highly recommend checking the series out.

Season one of ‘Emily in Paris’ will be released on Netflix on October 2, 2020.

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