Netflix Bites: A Match Made In Heaven?

We’re getting you up to speed on the new eatery with that iconic red N over the door!

Much online hype has been generated around the new Netflix-themed eatery that just opened in Los Angeles, Netflix Bites.  In recent times, Netflix has cracked down on users sharing accounts, and this new establishment does seem at first glance like a bit of a PR distraction.

That said, what’s on the menu is of pretty excellent quality. The hook may be the red ‘N’ logo, but the meals are made by chefs that have been featured on cooking shows on the platform. The result is menu items including Smoked Black Cod ($52.00) and, in the appetizer section dubbed ‘Small Bites,’ Aussie Truffle-Shiitake Mingbings with Lemon Watercress Salad ($26.00).

By any other name, Netflix Bites would be a fairly upscale, trendy new eatery that would cause foodies in the City of Angels to sit up and take notice.

The restaurant has fans wanting to go and some that have already gotten the chance.

And of course, there were some obvious jokes to be had as well.

If you look at this restaurant in a vacuum, objectively, it is a genuinely worthy eatery that’s worth checking out for a quality meal.

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