Netflix Announces Season 2 of ‘The Circle’ & ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Are Releasing In The Spring

It has been announced by Netflix that season 2 of  The Circle will stream in April and season 2 of Too Hot To Handle Will Stream In June

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Posted On: March 26th, 2021 10:33 pm pst

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Season 2 Too Hot To Handle

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The first two weeks of the pandemic felt like one big social experiment and while many of us searched for ways to fill up our two weeks of free time- let’s all collectively laugh at the idea of us only quarantining for 14 days- we found ourselves binge watching other weird social experiments. The Circle and Too Hot To Handle quickly gained popularity and even if you didn’t like it, it was impossible to look away. Although I don’t think many of us understand how the prize money works or how the winner is selected, we’ll be the same ones watching Season 2.

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Netflix recently announced that the two shows will be returning to our screens sometime this spring/summer. The streaming platform confirmed fans can expect new episodes of The Circle every Wednesday starting in April and new episodes of Too Hot To Handle in June. The applications for both shows recently closed, so it’s safe to say that production will begin very soon. The first promotional video didn’t reveal much information regarding any new twists and turns in the game but AfterBuzzers have given some good recommendations.

While discussing the finale of Too Hot To Handle, the aftershow panelists brought up the idea of individual money meters that allows contestants to determine their own fate and monetary reward instead of relying on the collective and being forced to split whatever is left of the prize money. The hosts discussed additional ideas including an elimination process, more contestants, mini challenges, and sabotages, but we’ll have to wait and see if the show decided to make any changes to the original format. Hosts of AfterBuzz’s The Circle Aftershow briefly discussed predictions for this upcoming season when discussing season one’s finale. The panelists were very open minded but agreed that there needs to be a different format to keep viewers and participants on their toes.

Who would have thought we’d still be in our houses watching season two of the shows? At least we have even more episodes to keep us going through this pandemic. We’ll keep an eye out for any additional information regarding the upcoming seasons but for now we’ll just gear up for another summer of flirting, emoji decoding, and showmances we’re secretly rooting for. “Chat with you later AfterBuzzers. Heart emoji. Bee emoji. Send.”

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