“Neighbors and Friends” Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Living With Yourself’ Review

Hosts Chistian Bladt and Carla Contreras break down episode 6 of Netflix’s Living With Yourself. We’ve got a giant krait, an oversized pig, a full specimen cup, golden pencils, and even a certain palooza, only on the Living With Yourself after show!

Miles Elliot wanted a better life, but after a trip to a bizarre spa, he discovers that he’s in for double trouble! Join us for THE LIVING WITH YOURSELF AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, where we’ll be breaking down Netflix’s comedy series starring Paul Rudd. If you’re ready for some laughs, some heart, and a little bit of looking into yourself (literally), then make sure to tune in every week!

About Living With Yourself: A man who is burned out on life and love undergoes a mysterious treatment, only to discover that he has been replaced by a better version of himself.