Nehemiah Clark Weighs In On ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Premiere

Challenge Champ and OG Nehemiah Clark is giving his thoughts on the first episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. Plus, what he thinks about Leroy Garrett retiring from the franchise after this season. 

Episode 1 of The Challenge: Double Agents is in the bag, and many fans still can’t stop talking about the epic premiere, including Challenge champ Nehemiah Clark.

Clark joined Challenge Reality News with Benny Adams and gave his thoughts on the jaw dropping episode.

“I’ve watched lots of Challenges, and a lot of times, I already know who wins, so it’s not as exciting because I’m not watching it fully from a fan standpoint, and I know everyone. But this episode is probably the best Challenge episode I’ve ever seen, hands down,” said Clark on his reaction to the premiere episode.

Many fans agreed with the OG and also couldn’t help but notice that Challenge vets Aneesa Ferreira and Kam Williams had pivotal storylines during the episode. Aneesa won the first challenge along with Fessy Shafaat, giving them the power to send a team into elimination. While Kam came up with a master plan to send C.T. into elimination.

There was also a touching moment between the two women when Kam brought up her grandmother, who immigrated to America but was deported after she was caught stealing. Something that Nehemiah thought was important for viewers to see.

“I felt a very strong womens theme throughout the whole episode. I feel like a lot of times, maybe the women don’t really get that, to really show their comradery, to show the sensitive side, because it is a side that is shot down by society, and it is a side that they don’t get to show, especially them highlighting being black women. I think that it was a very powerful piece of television that people got to see.” explained Clark.

The rookies also played a big part during the first episode, making it known that they were not going to be like the rookies before them when it comes to being sent into elimination first.

One rookie who stood out to Nehemiah was American Hurdler Lolo Jones.

“I watched her on Champs vs. Pros, so I knew she had that killer instinct. But to see her in this atmosphere, it was just apparent who the olympian was.”

Before the premiere of Double Agents, news broke out that Leroy Garrett would be retiring from The Challenge after this season. Nehemiah, whose also good friends with Lee, couldn’t be happier for the vet.

“I really want Leroy to win, he’s my top pick out of everyone right now; me and him go way back. I’m very happy for him if this is the decision he’s choosing to make because it’s a graduation. He’s graduating into the next level of his life, and he’s super excited about it.” explained Clark. He gets to go out with his head up and was also able to meet a good woman, so he pretty much goes out as a champ.”

Nehemiah is a champ himself, winning the Gauntlet II, and says if he was given the opportunity to do another season of The Challenge, he’s ready.

“I’m definitely down at this stage of my life… Where I am now, this will probably be the optimal time because I’m in my prime.” Explained Clark. “You’re literally shooting an action thriller, anyone would want to be a part of that. It’s the reason the older people still keep coming back because it keeps getting better and evolving. If I don’t get to do it, I look back, and I’ve done four Challenges. That’s more than some people have ever done.”

You can watch the full interview with Nehemiah here!

You can catch the Challenge Double Agents every Wednesday at 8 p.m. PST on MTV.

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