Musical Guests & Comedy We Want to See in the Next Episode of ‘SNL’

‘Saturday Night Live’ has canceled their music guest for this week, so we’re looking at who want to see replace them!

This week, Saturday Night Live made headlines for canceling a musical guest performance for their upcoming show.

The canceled guest is Morgan Wallen, a hit country music singer. Wallen came under fire this week after a video of him partying last weekend without a mask went viral. Out of respect and worry for their employees’ health, SNL made the choice to cancel Wallen. Since the incident the singer has made a public apology via Instagram video.

In the video, the country star makes it clear he understands the show’s decision and states he “has some growing up to do” in terms of his decisions. The show’s creator, Lorne Michaels, has told Wallen that he can be on the show another time.

With this update, we’re taking a look at what we hope to see in the upcoming episode of SNL. Including musical guest replacements and comedy from the recent vice presidential debate!

Harry Styles

I’m pretty sure no one would ever complain about a performance by Harry Styles. This dream of a singer has taken the music world by storm the past couple of years. With releases like “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You” remaining popular a year after their drops. Styles actually made a short cameo on SNL’s last episode, but we’re hoping for a full on performance.


If SNL is looking for a performance everyone can vibe with, may I recommend the utterly amazing Kehlani. This singer, songwriter, and dancer has skyrocketed in popularity in the past years.

Tayla Parx

A musician of many talents, Tayla Parx is known for writing lyrics for Ariana Grande and other popular singers. However, Tayla herself is a force! This musician has an amazing stage presence, unique style, but most of all – she’s an incredible vocalist. I think we should start a petition to get Tayla on the show!

Orville Peck

A personal favorite of mine, Orville Peck is the perfect performer to replace a lost country performance. Drawing inspiration from old rodeo performers, Peck’s the real deal. For those not familiar with the musician, he wears a fringed mask and never shows his face. This anonymous musician has not made any prior appearances on SNL – just another reason why he should!

Other than musical guest replacements, we’re trying to see some serious jokes about the recent vice presidential debate.


There is no way SNL would let this joke opportunity fly by. If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the past two days you know that Mike Pence had a small, winged friend that would not leave him during the debate. There have been some seriously hilarious memes about the situation and we just know the show will have a field day with this.

What do you want to see in the next episode of Saturday Night Live? Let us know any celebrities you want to perform or jokes you’re looking forward to!

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