“Murder On My Mind; With Grace And Gratitude” Season 1 Episodes 5 & 6 ‘Chambers’ Review

Hosts Flobo Boyce (@floboboyce), Jackie Rae ( @jraethefanatic), and Christian Bladt (@christiandmz) discuss the “Murder on My Mind” and “With Grace and Gratitude” episodes of Chambers. Sasha’s relationship with her friends and family take a turn, Ben and Nancy continue to grieve, and we have some more insight to Becky’s death. #AfterBuzzTV #ChambersNetflix

A heart transplant. What could go wrong? If the surgery was successful, and your body isn’t rejecting it, everything’s fine… right? Join us on the CHAMBERS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW to discuss every episode of this eerie and mysterious show. Will she give into the sinister intentions of the heart? Tune in weekly for plot discussion, predictions, and special segments! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date with all things Chambers!

About Chambers: Chambers follows the story of a teenager who after receiving a heart transplant is haunted by unexplained visions and later decides to unravel the horrifying circumstances and conspiracy that led to the donor’s mysterious death.