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AFTERBUZZ TV – American Horror Story edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s American Horror Story. In this episode, host Billy Nilles breaks down the Murder House episode in which
The Harmon’s finances take a blow, making moving impractical. Hayden surprises Ben by appearing at his doorstep; she is keeping the baby, determined to continue their affair. Vivien learns about the house’s original owners: a crazed surgeon, Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross), and wife, Nora (Lily Rabe), who provided illegal abortions in their basement, until their bitter marriage ended in murder. After spotting blood, Vivien is told by her doctor that the baby is fine. Ben passes out, and the doctor informs him that he found traces of an opiate that causes memory loss. Ben confronts Moira, who has been trying to seduce him, about poisoning his coffee with the opiate. Hayden shows up again, frantic that Ben has ignored her. As he takes her outside to calm her down, Larry kills her with a shovel to help Ben, who becomes distraught. Larry convinces him that getting rid of the body is the best option. Larry digs a hole, discovering Moira’s remains, but buries Hayden over them. There to help Billy is co-host David Schifilliti. It’s American Horror Story’s “Murder House” podcast!

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