Mrs. America S1 E9 Recap & After Show: If you thought Karma was a B, try Politics!

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A tale of a political landscape forever shifted; on Mrs. America we explore the events and themes of the 70s feminist movement and we’re so excited to break it down on the MRS AMERICA AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

In the season finale of Mrs. America, our history lesson is concluded…for now.  It’s 1979 and congress has granted a three year extension on the ERA deadline.  However, Carter does Bella dirty and fires her from her cabinet position.  But this backfires when Gloria and the girls all resign from their positions and their support of Carter which later causes him to lose to Reagan. Alice finds her own identity away from Phyllis and gets a job. After passing the bar, Phyllis, who is at the heighth of her powers, backs Reagan and plays a significant part in his election.  Unfortunately, she is too polarizing and does not get appointed to Reagan’s cabinet.  Phyllis ends the season as she began it, as a housewife preparing dinner.

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