Mrs. America S1 E8 Recap & After Show: Alice In Wonderland

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A tale of a political landscape forever shifted; on Mrs. America we explore the events and themes of the 70s feminist movement and we’re so excited to break it down on the MRS AMERICA AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Host: Ashmin Ram, Sean McHugh, Cody Epperson
Alice and Pamela head on an independent journey to Houston to attend the National Woman’s Conference. The journey is anything but smooth as they learn to read maps, get lost, and follow the liberals in the right direction. Once they arrive at the hotel, the line for check in is hideously long and they quickly learn that the hotel is overbooked and they cannot accommodate them. When they turn to team-mate Rosemary she is anything but inviting and does not offer them to stay with her. Alice and Pamela join a share a room list and are welcomed into a room of liberals. In this episode, Alice is constantly faced with the truth about her community and the kindness of the liberals. After she unravels in front of the camera, she looses her confidence and begins to have a few drinks at the bar. As Alice becomes tipsy, she enters the world of the liberals and learns that its not so bad. She even lets her hair down and attends some of the breakthrough rooms and takes the lead singing in the lesbian room. In conclusion, Alice feels the back-lash and judgement from her community and begins to question who is she actually fighting against. After all, the”libs” aren’t that bad!

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