Mrs. America S1 E5 Recap & After Show: Conventional vs. Unconventional

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A tale of a political landscape forever shifted; on Mrs. America we explore the events and themes of the 70s feminist movement and we’re so excited to break it down on the MRS AMERICA AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

We get a behind the scenes in depth look at the lives of couples Phyllis and Fred along with Brenda and Marc. We learn more about Phyllis’s insecurities when it comes to balancing work life and home life. She takes the LSAT test and wants to pursue her education as a lawyer but doesn’t necessarily feel the support from husband Fred. A strange young man appears at her doorstep with her son John’s wallet. Phyllis is terrified and does her best to cover it up. She has a talk with her son John about the wallet and being extra careful with his actions. Brenda experiments with her sexuality and gets together with photographer Jewels. Although she tells husband Mark about the incident, she continues to be with her sexually. Brenda learns that she is pregnant and Marc is thrilled. Gloria struggles between a conventional life and a unconventional life as she approaches 40. Last but not least, is the big debate between the couples. Phyllis loses all credibility when she makes up a legal case and feels completely unsupported when husband Fred doesn’t chime into to save her. Brenda and Marc win the debate as a power couple when they stick to all the facts.
  • Hosted by Sean McHugh @seanstar75 , Ashmin Ram @insightsbyish , Adiamond Baker @not_yur_type , and Cody Epperson @codyyepp

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