Most Talked About Celebrity Doppelgangers!

There are so many celebs in Hollywood that look identical to each other, yet have absolutely no relation to one another. Here are some celebrity doppelgangers you’ll have trouble telling apart!

Doppelgangers are non-biologically related lookalikes, so basically when there’s double of a living person. In Hollywood, there are so many pairs of celebs who resemble each other so much to the extent that they get mistaken for one another. Here are a few of those pairs who are totally doppelgangers and even acknowledge their resemblance!

Nina Dobrev & Victoria Justice

Ever since the first season of Vampire Diaries, these two have been mistaken for one another. Many fans thought that Nina Dobrev was Victoria Justice at first glance, and needed the credits to clarify who was actually starring in the series. The two have fully acknowledged their undeniable similarities and even talk about how often they get confused for each other. Back in 2015, Dobrev and Justice crossed paths at a polo match and posted pictures together which got fans super excited seeing these come together to see them side by side!

Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel

These two love to joke about how often they get mistaken for each other and even have some great stories about it! Perry fully admits to using her resemblance to Deschanel to her advantage early on in her career when Zooey was first starting to get big. The singer admits to posing as Deschanel to get into clubs as she had no money and was trying to make it as a singer. It clearly all worked out for this talented popstar, and to this day the pair continue to joke about their encounters of being mistaken for one another.

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Mila Kunis & Sarah Hyland

The comparisons of these two began back in 2014 when Hyland told InStyle that she and Kunis had discussed being mistaken for each other often. When speaking to Hyland, Kunis admitted to sometimes pretending she’s Hyland to make her feel young again which fans loved to hear. Back in 2018 the comparisons began again when a Twitter user posted photos of the stars side by side which Sarah actually acknowledged with a simple “We know ;).”

Minka Kelly & Leighton Meester

Not only did these two star in similar roles in their hit TV dramas, but they also look extremely similar and often confuse fans who meet them. Side by side, these two could totally pass for sisters, possibly even twins. The best part about this pair is that they’re actually very good friends in real life and even starred in a movie together back in 2011 called The Roommate.

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Zach Braff & Dax Shepard

Many fans acknowledge that these two are basically twins and share incredibly similar features. Both Braff and Shepard have joked about their resemblance before and in 2018 Braff actually tweeted a picture of their faces swapped. It’s absolutely mind blowing how identical these two are and it’s even more amazing that they can joke around and have fun with it!

Even though none of these look-alikes have any relation to one another, it’s still fun to see them poke fun as if they did! Let us know some of your favorite celebrity doppelgangers on Twitter @AfterbuzzTV!

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