Most Savage ‘Love Island UK’ Challenges Throughout History!

Love Island is one of our favorite shows for many reasons, but the challenges will always have a special place in our hearts. Are they sometimes brutal? Yes. But are they also shamefully entertaining? Also yes. Here are some of the most savage challenges we’ve seen on the show so far!

Lie Detector Test

The yearly Lie Detector Test was axed from the show before the 2019 season, but it was a fan favorite for a good reason. In this challenge, the islanders participated in a polygraph test where they had to answer three relationship-related questions asked by their partners. The islanders did not hold back when writing their questions rendering this one of the most nerve-wracking Love Island challenges to date. Whether the polygraph test was accurate or not, it certainly had a high success rate for causing major drama.


Online Buzz

Online Buzz, more commonly known as the Twitter Challenge, has also been scrapped from production but seriously deserves a spot on this list. During the game, the islanders were presented with a series of ruthless Tweets where they then had to guess who the viewers were referring to in the post. It’s difficult to decide what would be worse: finding out that a savage comment was tweeted about you, or that it wasn’t about you but your fellow islanders thought that it was.


Heart Rate Challenge

In this game, the boys and girls are challenged to raise their partner’s heart rate through an interpretation of saucy dancing. The contestants dress up in costume and take turns performing in front of their fellow islanders. The challenge is all fun and games until the heart monitor reveals who got whose heart pumping the most. Although it is one of the more light-heartened challenges on this list, it is subtly savage for the game inevitably gets personal for some.


Casa Amor

Casa Amor was introduced in the third season of Love Island UK and designed to put the couples’ relationships to the ultimate test. For three days, the boys leave the villa and head to Casa Amor where they are met by a new string of female islanders. The girls stay back as the boys are replaced by a new string of male islanders who all want a permanent spot in the villa.
During those three days, the two villas compete in various challenges against each other, but the ultimate test comes later. At the end of these three days, a special re-coupling ceremony takes place and the original islanders have the chance to either re-couple with one of the new islanders or remain in their original couple. The original islanders won’t know whether their partner chose to stay loyal until after they’ve made a decision. However, the show is known to throw in a few twists like printing out-of-context photographs of what is going on at the other villa.


Mad Movies

Mad Movies caused absolute carnage when it was introduced on Love Island in 2021 and viewers were thrilled when the challenge returned for this year. In the challenge, the boys and girls compete against each other in a pub-quiz style. For each question they win, they get to pick a “movie” that consists of past footage of the islander of their choice. The stakes are high on Movie Night for the clips revolve around the antics of the islanders when they were in Casa Amor.

Article updated on August 5th, 2022.

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