Most Rewatchable Episodes Of Beverly Hills 90210!

The ten seasons of the wildly popular show Beverly Hills, 90210, will never be forgotten. Take a peek at some of the best binge-worthy episodes we can find!

The teen series Beverly Hills, 90210 always poured on emotion and action. The series was the ideal teen drama, set in glitzy Beverly Hills and centered on a broad mix of high school students from all walks of life. There was robbery, teen angst, murder, love triangles, and much more. The show catapulted many to fame such as the late Luke Perry. Let’s take a look at some of the episodes we can rewatch over and over again!

“One Wedding And A Funeral” – Season 6, Episode 10

Despite Dylan’s initial anxiety, telling Brenda about his plans to marry Toni was the least of his worries. The wedding day is ruined when a hit ordered on Dylan accidentally kills someone else in addition to his intended target, causing Dylan to mourn instead of celebrating. When Donna and Ray break up, she has her own set of problems. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout this tense episode.


“Spring Dance” – Season 1, Episode 21

The dance has significant meaning for the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210. As Dylan and Brenda’s relationship progresses, Kelly wounds Steve by asking someone else to the dance. Watching this episode will transport you back to your high school years, with all the drama and unforgettable fashions.


“Commencement Part 2” – Season 3, Episode 30

At their high school graduation party, the cast reminisces about their time spent together over the past four years. Part two of Season 3’s two-part finale finds the crew going camping and trying to figure out how to make a lasting impression as the class of 1993. Let’s watch how the cast of 90210 deals with the unique and emotional experience that is high school graduation.


“Isn’t It Romantic?” – Season 1, Episode 10

Because of Dylan’s lifestyle and his father’s indictment for corporate financial fraud, Brandon is wary of their relationship, and Jim is firmly opposed to it, but Brenda can’t help falling for him anyhow. Meanwhile, Steve meets the keynote speaker for the campus AIDS course. Watching this episode will undoubtedly transport you back to your high school dating days.


“Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills”- Season 5, Episode 30

The crew says their goodbyes to Andrea and Jesse as they get ready for a major life shift by relocating to Connecticut. When Jim gets a promotion and a pay boost, it means he and Cindy will have to uproot their life and move from Beverly Hills to Hong Kong. Kelly Taylor finds herself in a difficult love triangle when both Dylan and Brandon want her to go on a trip with them and she has to choose between them. Despite the mayhem, this episode is really entertaining and leaves you wanting more.

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