Most Dramatic Moments From This Week’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’!

From Salley’s suitcase and vibrator to the first rose ceremony, here are the most dramatic moments that happened on this week’s double whammy of Bachelor In Paradise.

*Contains spoilers from this week’s episodes*

We hope you all had your wine poured for this week’s two nighter of Bachelor In Paradise because oh boy was it a doozy. Last week paradise seemed to be smooth sailing at first for our potential love interests. By the start of week two all came crashing down resulting in three women rejecting one man’s rose; to even a beloved favorite quitting paradise early without saying goodbye. Everyone in Bachelor Nation knows that when it comes to love being easy, that’s never the case with this franchise. Read below to see the most dramatic moments from this week’s episodes of Bachelor In Paradise!

Victoria Fuller Swooping Justin From Genevieve

Within the first five minutes of paradise, emotions skyrocketed as Victoria Fuller from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor made an appearance. Before entering the beach, Fuller was offered the first date card for the women from host Jesse Palmer. As many women were already intimidated by her arrival, this made some question the connections they had already made with the men from week one. When Fuller entered paradise, she decided to pull Johnny, Logan, and last but not least; Justin Glaze who already formed a connection with Genevieve.

After Fuller talked with all three men, she decided to bring Justin on her date which sent Genevieve into a downward spiral. Throughout the entirety of Monday night’s episode, Parisi spent her time thinking if Glaze was going to make a stronger connection with Fuller after their one-on-one. This led to her even speaking to Glaze’s partner in crime Andrew Spencer to see what his thoughts were on the situation.

To make matters even worse, this was all happening the night before her birthday. When Glaze arrived back from his date with Fuller, he pulled Parisi aside to tell her he had formed a connection with Fuller. Parisi was flabbergasted by his response and that this was happening the night before the first rose ceremony leaving her in tears.

Salley’s Suitcase

Audiences took to Twitter when the appearance of Salley’s suitcase was found amongst the women in paradise with no sight of Carson on the beach. The “suitemates” decided to go into her belongings and pulled out her clothes, hair extensions, and surprisingly enough; a vibrator. Carson’s vibrator became the highlight of the night, leading Kira Mengistu to take matters into her own hands and use it for herself in the boom boom room.

As the women gathered around the bar to talk to Wells, the bartender gave the women in the house the full rundown on why her belongings were present, but not her in the flesh. Adams told the women how Salley was going back and forth when venturing to paradise. When a producer came to ask Carson if she was ready to go, the only factor that was stopping Carson from getting on the plane was her ex-fiance whom she could not get over. In the story, Carson supposedly had the producer sit in the trunk for four hours so she could go talk to him.

After the conversation and hearing him say that he wanted her to go, Carson and the producer made it to the airport with her luggage checked. Right before her flight was about to take off her ex called her and she decided not to get on the plane. This resulted in her luggage coming to paradise while she stayed back.

Brittany Darting Romeo’s Kiss

Oh, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo… you royally screwed up your chances during the end of night one of paradise. All seemed to be going well for the Harvard graduate as he was making his way to pursue Jill after facing the love triangle during week one. As he told Jill that he would meet her for a drink at the bar, Alexander thought that it would be the perfect time to pursue Brittany and ask her if she had any mutual feelings.

As Galvin continued to chat with him, also bringing up her close relationship with Chin, Alexander thought that this would be the perfect time to try and steal a kiss from Galvin. Brittany turned her head so quickly that even audiences took to Twitter to show her reaction. After the awkward tension, Galvin went on to say that talking with Alexander was the most awkward conversation she ever had and that if he were to give her a rose she would rather get hit by a bus. This led to Alexander being rejected by three women at the end of the night who would not accept his rose; leading him to have a tearful breakdown at the end of Monday night’s episode.

The First Rose Ceremony

As the first rose ceremony came fast approaching on last night’s episode, Glaze pulled Fuller aside to see if he were to give her a rose would they pursue things further. Although Fuller said yes, she decided to go steal Johnny away to see if there was a spark between the two of them.

Although Hunter was a bit nervous, she was still confident that she would be receiving a rose from Johnny. As Casey asked Hunter if she was interested in anyone else, Johnny and Victoria began making out right in front of her face. After this occurred Palmer came down to the beach as everyone was getting ready for the rose ceremony. While this left everyone in question on who the men would be giving their roses to, Johnny resulted in giving his to Victoria which was the biggest shock of the night.

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss how Hunter deserved so much more while in paradise. After the results from the ceremony, the first three women packing their bags were Kira, Hailey, and sadly Hunter.

The Dejavu Double Date with Shanae and Genevieve

As contestants were getting ready for their next day in paradise, double trouble decided to head to the beach as an iconic duo made a comeback to find love. Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall left paradise last season together not finding love, but finding a “bromance”. As the two walked down to Jesse Palmer, he offered them a double date card as they entered the beach. As the duo went down to meet the women, Clancy made his way to talk to Genevieve and Shanae.

The drama between Shanae and Genevieve continued as a flashback was brought back from “The Women Tell All.” Shanae brought up the rumor that Aaron and Genevieve slept together after she went home from Clayton’s season. As Aaron picked Genevieve to go on the date, Bonsall decided to bring Shanae on the date.

This led fans to Twitter and brought viewers back to the two- on- one date during Clayton’s season. Although during Clayton’s season the date ended in disaster with Shanae saying she would “throw Genevieve off Niagara Falls”, this two-on-two surprisingly went well to the point where Shanae and Genevieve were having a blast together. The only drama that resulted from this date came from Logan and Justin who were left depressed back at the beach.

Teddi Abruptly Quitting Paradise Without Saying Goodbye

During the last ten minutes of last night’s episode, everyone was thrown for a loop when Teddi Wright decided to leave paradise without saying goodbye. As the couples were enjoying their time on the beach Rodney Mathews from Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette made his way into paradise for another shot of love. All of the boys were squirming in their seats because they knew Mathews was going to be a hot commodity for all the women. As Mathews came down with a date card in his hand, he decided to pull Jill and also Teddi aside for a conversation.

After Teddi talked with Rodney, she came to the realization that something just wasn’t clicking with Andrew Spencer. This would result in the first of many breakups to come in paradise. As Wright got up to walk away from Spencer, she left in tears not knowing what else to do since she only came here to meet him.

Wright decided that it was time for her to leave the beach since she only came to pursue Andrew. While Serene went to go look for her friend, she soon came to the realization from Wells that Teddi left paradise without saying goodbye. This left everyone in awe and Spencer tearfully confiding in Michael A. The episode soon ended on a cliffhanger because Rodney was planning on asking Teddi out on a date!

If this week’s episodes weren’t juicy enough for you, just wait for next week when the infamous Salley makes her way to paradise! Let us know at AfterBuzzTV if we missed any more dramatic moments from this week’s episodes. Bachelor In Paradise returns for another two-nighter next Monday and Tuesday night; streaming the next day on Hulu.

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