Most Badass Moments From the Women of ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 4)!

The women of Stranger Things have always demonstrated great strength and served as amazing role models for their women audience. Here are some specific moments from season 4 where each woman truly showed off how much a badass they are!

Although the women of Stranger Things have played crucial roles in helping save Hawkins throughout the show, their strength and confidence in themselves truly carries Season 4. These female characters each stepped outside their comfort zone and became heroes this season. Here are some examples of the most badass moments from each woman in Stranger Things!


The entirety of Season 4 is where Eleven has done the most growing and self-discovering as a person. She truly turned into the hero she was meant to be and more importantly she believes it herself and has gained confidence in who she is. With this new discovery she was able to gain her powers back and even more than that, she faced Vecna. The final episode where Eleven uses Mike’s voice to bring out her anger and use it to fight Vecna was one of the most emotional scenes. It was clear in that moment how badly she just wanted to save her friends so she used all the strength she had to break free and although she may not have killed Vecna, her desire to fight was impressive to say the least.

Joyce Byers

Joyce has been arguably one of the strongest female characters on this entire show considering what she has gone through. From Will being trapped in the upside down to thinking Hopper died, she truly can’t catch a break, but she fights every problem head on and does so as a single mother nonetheless. Specifically in Season 4, Joyce went on a long journey to potentially find Hopper and save him which was no easy quest for her. In doing so, she had to fight off the demogorgon when Hopper was about to get killed by it in the final episode. Joyce sees the monster on the cameras and jumps out with an electric prod killing it just as it’s about to attack Hopper. She is clearly incredibly fearless and showed how much of a badass she really is by taking charge in this situation!

Nancy Wheeler

From the shy, timid girl she was back in season 1, to the tough, independent girl she became in season 4, Nancy has changed immensely in the best way possible. She has played an active role in seeking out answers to why this alternate world was created and also working to physically fight it. Nancy is always insistent on fighting on her own and using her own strength to go against Vecna. She learns how to use a gun and was the one who is shooting Vecna while he’s on fire in an attempt to kill him. While Nancy may have been a background character in the beginning, her character has transformed into this incredibly strong woman who not only speaks her mind in any instance, but also physically protects the town of Hawkins without fear.

Max Mayfield

Although she is a relatively new character, fans fell in love with Max and her growth as a person in season 4 made fans connect with her on a whole new level. Considering she was one of Vecna’s victims, she showed tremendous strength in helping defeat him and even risked her life for the sake of her friends. She was the key to killing Vecna so she risked her life in order to protect her friends and the town of Hawkins. Taking into account that she’s so young, watching Max put her life on the line was so breathtaking and a very selfless decision which is very admirable.

Robin Buckley

Like Max, Robin is also a newer character that fans attached to rather quickly. Her sarcastic comments and banter with Steve sheds light on a dark show which is why fans connected with her. She was unwillingly thrown into this world of the ‘upside down’ and had to process a lot of unbelievable information very quickly. In Season 4, she also played a big role in helping defeat Vecna as she was at Nancy’s side the whole time working to fight him. She even was the one who helped convince the guards to allow them to interview Victor Creel which provided so many answers. With this whole world being so new to her, it’s amazing to see her demonstrate such bravery to go and fight Vecna alongside Steve and Nancy.

Erica Sinclair

While fans have always known Erica for her snarky little side comments as Lucas’ younger sister, she was a huge help for the team in setting up a plan to kill Vecna. For being the younger sister, she wasn’t scared at all throughout all their adventures. Her role in the plan was to signal everyone on when to precisely attack Vecna and even with the numerous obstacles, Erica did everything she could to help out the crew showing how resilient she is.

While all the characters in Stranger Things demonstrate fearlessness, the female characters totally dominated Season 4 and played such big roles in attempting to take down Vecna. Their bravery was incredibly inspiring and showed that women are in fact heroes too!

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