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AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Spotlight On edition, is a long form interview series featuring actors and TV personalities discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys.In this episode host Sam Davidson interviews Monica Ten-Kate.

Monica Ten-Kate leads a pretty normal life for a college girl. She’s a 21-year-old junior at Penn State who juggles family, dating, college life, and a job. What sets her apart, however, is what exactly that job entails. As we’ll see onMonica the Medium, Monica Ten-Kate is, well, a medium.

The reality series premieres Tuesday night on ABC family and will follow the life of this college student/medium. Trailers for Monica the Medium show its star hanging with friends, going to parties, and getting turned down for a date when the guy finds out she’s a medium. She also seems to become overcome, with what we find out she calls “Spirit,” and gives strangers emotional pieces of advice and information from beyond — even at parties.

In addition to Monica’s studies, she also runs a business connecting people with lost loved ones. She performs these readings in person and over Skype, and this business has lead to Monica The Medium. According to ABC Family’s series description, “Monica uses her gift of communicating with Spirit to bring through details, facts, names, memories and more, to validate the connection to people’s loved ones on the Other Side and to deliver healing messages they may have.”

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