Moments You Missed On This Week’s ‘Big Brother All Stars’ Live Feeds

The ‘Big Brother’ house isn’t filled with strategic gameplay every single minute of every day. There are times when the houseguests relax and have fun which we, unfortunately, don’t get to see pan out on TV. So here are some moments you may have missed this week from the live feeds: fun and strategic!

There’s been a lot of talk about how this Big Brother season has been playing out with many fans believing that some of the players aren’t actively doing anything in the game. As a fan of Big Brother, I haven’t been too impressed with gameplay either but it’s important to note that ‘The Committee’ has actively controlled the house whether they were HOH or not and that, you cannot deny, is impressive.

However, their power run was turned upside down once Dani became the new HOH for the week.

Dani made it a point that she would not put Da’Vonne up on the block after what happened last week which only left her two options: Kevin and David. She did exactly that and nominated both of them for eviction. Unbeknownst to her, David would use his disruptor power to save himself from the block and force Dani to name a replacement nominee. So what exactly happened this week in BB house? Too much to fit into three weekly episodes on TV which is why I’m here to let you in on what you missed from the live feeds.

#5 Nicole Can’t Pronounce Ramen

Just like many other people, I absolutely love ramen and it seems like most know how to pronounce it, except for Nicole Franzel.

It’s important to note that Nicole is from a small village in Michigan called Ubly. On her rookie season of Big Brother, we got to know her as the small town girl with a very unique accent.

Fans loved Nicole on season 16 as they found her to be extremely funny and because she was the underdog that year. Everyone also enjoyed hearing her talk about where she’s from and how she grew up.

Since she grew up in Ubly, it might be the reason she didn’t know how to pronounce the word properly but that didn’t stop Dani from cracking up in the HOH room after she said it.

#4 Another Wall Yeller

The Big Brother house has dealt with a lot of wall yellers this season. In case you didn’t know, a wall yeller happens to be someone, a fan, who takes themselves to the CBS lot and shouts at the houseguests in the backyard.

The first time it happened, Cody and Nicole were exposed for running the house and the people in the backyard heard it loud and clear. While it didn’t affect their game that much, it did make everyone in the house aware of certain things that may or may not be going on in the house.

CBS does not tolerate this as it goes against the integrity of the game and has since shut down the backyard on multiple occasions.

The houseguests absolutely hate losing their backyard privileges so in the clip below, we see Ian yelling over the other person to avoid that from happening.

It wasn’t made clear whether the yelling was made to the Big Brother houseguests directly but Ian was not going to let anyone get between him and his hammock!

#3 Using The Veto Was Unnecessary

Initially, Tyler was the intended target of the week according to Dani when she won HOH. She made it clear that she did not trust Tyler and she knew if she took a shot at him she could not miss.

Before nominations, Dani and Tyler made a deal that they wouldn’t go after each other until final six but the deal went sour once David used his power which took him off the block.

Dani was forced to make a decision on who to put up as a replacement immediately after and she chose Tyler. Yikes!

She made it clear to him that she is not targeting him and just was unsure of what to do at that moment. She hoped that nominations stayed the same and Kevin would go home.

Nothing is ever secure in the Big Brother house and after Da’Vonne won the power of veto and used it to save Kevin, Dani was forced yet again to name a replacement nominee which was Big Brother 14 winner, Ian Terry.

All of ‘The Committee’ alliance members were confused as to why Da’Vonne used the veto in the first place and deemed her move unnecessary. However, had Day not used veto, Kevin would have gone home and she would have lost an ally in the game.

The move wasn’t beneficial for their game but it was for Da’Vonne’s and unfortunately this alliance isn’t used to things not going their way.

#2 Pregame Alliances

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors! Many people inside and outside of the house have speculated whether the houseguests made alliances prior to entering the house.

This has raised a lot of questions because people have deemed it unfair as that is not how Big Brother should be played.

David reminded the live feeders of this and said he wants out of the game.

There is also something else that’s important to point out, which is that a lot of these houseguests are friends with each other in real life which only makes these alliances more obvious and the game unfair.

With a friend in the game, you are more likely to align with them rather than a person you met on day one.

#1 Where Is The Album Sis?

This season of Big Brother has involved Da’Vonne singing her heart out on multiple occasions and making songs off the top of her head at random times throughout the show.

Her most recent song is dedicated to the very talented Rihanna who, might I add, has not released an album since 2016. Fans have been dying to get a taste of new music and Day is no exception.

Da’Vonne took the opportunity to call out Rihanna on the live feeds by asking a very simple question: Where is the album sis?

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