Moments You Missed On This Week’s ‘Big Brother All Stars’ Live Feeds

The triple eviction left some players extremely vulnerable while others were put in the best position. The aftermath was huge, so here are some moments you may have missed from the Big Brother live feeds.

The Committee alliance lost their first member last week during the triple eviction. Unfortunately, Dani’s power trip was cut after Tyler decided to nominate her alongside her closest ally Nicole. Tyler also won the veto which locked in his nominations and sent Dani packing on a unanimous vote of 4-0.

Coming out of this triple eviction left both Tyler and Christmas extremely vulnerable as they unsuccessfully tried to flip the vote against Nicole when she was on the block with David.

Cody ended up winning the head of household competition and nominated Tyler and Christmas for eviction. Cody also won the veto and left nominations the same which means either Tyler or Christmas will be heading to jury on Thursday.

So what happened on the live feeds this week? Keep reading to find out!

#5 Nicole’s Jury Management

Nicole and Christmas were up in the HOH room discussing Dani’s jury management.

They were giving credit where credit is due. Dani did a good job at making sure people weren’t mad at her for the decisions she made, more so she wanted them mad at others.

We have seen how Dani’s decisions affected Nicole’s game more than her own as she was the one that was lying to people in order for Dani to get what she wanted out of her HOH.

However, the problem with Nicole is that she actually didn’t have to do anything in order to please Dani. She could’ve easily voted for Ian to stay and had Dani make the decision on who to evict but she decided not to and went with the alliance.

That decision led to another lie, Nicole and Dani blaming the vote on David. Day made it clear that she wanted to know the truth on who flipped but Nicole didn’t budge.

Again, Nicole had plenty of opportunities to tell Day but decided not to do it until her goodbye message once she was evicted.

Jury management is super important in the game and at that point you have to fight for yourself to win not others.

#4 Go Out And Vote

In case you didn’t know, there’s an election coming up!

Many celebrities have been urging their fans to register to vote and explained states that are available for early voting.

The BB houseguests have also done the same thing and encouraged people to vote. Although, Memphis and Christmas are unaware of the correct date.

The correct day to vote is November 3, 2020! Check to see if you’re registered!

#3 Tyler’s Original Plan

Tyler revealed what he would’ve done had he won the first HOH instead of Cody.

He told Enzo that he would have nominated Memphis and Nicole for eviction but since he didn’t win, he wasn’t able to.

He went on to talk about how he wasn’t too keen on being in the Committee alliance but since he was stuck he had no choice but to follow through.

The sad thing about this conversation is that he told Enzo who most likely relayed the information to Cody.

#2 Nicole Cries (Again!)

Nicole and her crying have been part of the live feeds since the beginning of the game. If you watch, you more than likely saw her cry.

Nicole cries to Cody about her lack of gameplay this season which, let’s be real, has not been good.

While Nicole did survive the triple eviction as a winner, she wasn’t evicted because she wasn’t a threat. She hasn’t won any competitions this season and seems to feel some kind of guilt.

Cody and Nicole have had a final two since the start of the game and they have vouched for each other multiple times. However, when you compare both their games, Cody has played a much better one.

These are the crucial weeks of Big Brother and Nicole will have to pull out a win in order to make up for her game play this season.

Nicole: (Last time I won competitions) . I’m gonna make sure I go home . I’ve done nothing to help you

Cody: That’s ok . this is the game

Nicole: Oooh .. that’s not doing anything ..#BB22

— Cheeto (@powerofcheeto2) October 8, 2020

#1 Day For AFP

This season may not have been what fans were expecting… at all. One thing is for sure, fans have enjoyed seeing Da’Vonne, Kaysar, and Janelle in the house again.

Since her rookie season, Day has managed to steal everyone’s hearts with her amazing diary room sessions and quick comebacks.

Day is as fearless as they come and people have loved watching her play this game time and time again.

It’s also important to note that Da’Vonne has improved her placement on the show every time she has played! Props to her.

While some houseguests in the clip below may not agree, Da’Vonne is definitely in the running for America’s Favorite Player this season!

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