Moments You Missed On This Week’s ‘Big Brother All Stars’ Live Feeds

Another week with The Committee in charge means another week with the same two people on the block. A lot can happen in one week so check out what you may have missed if you don’t have the live feeds.

I will give credit where credit is due. The Committee has outright dominated the game since week one and while many aren’t fans of them, they have still managed to stick together.

While everyone was expecting for nominations to be a blindside for the alliance, they were not at all.

After a heated conversation between Cody, the HOH, and Kevin, Cody made it clear that his target would in fact be Kevin for the week. He decided to nominate him alongside David.

During the veto competition, David ended up winning $10,000 but eliminated himself from the game which left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Unfortunately, Kevin wasn’t able to get the veto either and Cody pulled off the win in the OTEV competition.

Cody held all the power this week and could have pulled off an amazing blidnside but chose not to. He decided at the veto meeting to keep nominations the same. So what else happened in the BB house? Keep reading to find out what you missed!

#5 Nicole Cries… Again!

Houseguests were apparently tipped off by Dr. Will that this Thursday be not a double eviction but a triple.

It seems like Nicole was taking it the hardest out of the rest of the cast. The downside for Nicole in a double or triple eviction is that she can automatically be a target for anyone.

She is a former winner and she hasn’t been nominated at all. The Committee alliance except for two have been nominated for eviction so those people are already targets as it is.

However, Nicole has coasted this entire game so I think it’s time for the game to shake up and have this alliance turn on each other. Moves need to be made in order for people to justify why they should win the half million dollar cash prize in the end.

#4 Tyler & His Cow

During the veto competition, Tyler managed to make it through the first round. However, he wasn’t so lucky after.

Tyler couldn’t pull off winning the veto and was eliminated from the OTEV game. He manages to walk away from the comp with a cow balloon.

In recent seasons, there has been some kind of affection for animal balloons/floaties in the house.

Paul on season 18 of Big Brother had Pablo the Pelican floatie which Michelle took home after she was evicted.

There is also Orwell the Owl which pays homage to George Orwell’s book ‘1984’.

In the clip below, Tyler is seen washing his cow for some reason. Take a look!

#3 Not A Fun Season

It’s been made clear by many fans and past BB players that this season has not been good… at all.

I mean there is a complete lack of gameplay and it seems like the people left in the house have relatively nothing that they can actually say to convince the jury they deserve the money, at least not yet.

This is no shade for The Committee, again, they have done a good job of controlling the house.

But their predictable moves make it almost impossible to root for them. In this game, houseguests have to, at some point, get blood on their hands but none of them really have.

Havok will begin once The Committee has to make moves against one another and that’s where the real gameplay will begin.

#2 Cody Shades Nicole

In the HOH room, Nicole tried to sway Cody and Enzo to evict David over Kevin.

On Nicole’s end, it makes sense to evict people that will go after her and she felt that Kevin may not be targeting her after their conversations.

Cody did not take too kindly to Nicole wanting to keep Kevin over David. Nicole defended herself by saying that she wants to make sure they get through the next week.

Cody countered her statement by saying the only way they control the week is by winning HOH which is something that she hasn’t done at all. Yikes!

Nicole suggests they keep Kevin & Cody shuts it down.

#1 David’s Prize

David taking the $10,000 prize during the OTEV competition had the house shocked as they thought he would go for safety since he was on the block.

Christmas even called him a rookie for taking the money instead of fighting for the veto. However, these houseguests were not aware of his reasons to take the money and were bashing him for it.

This season of Big Brother brought the spotlight on important issues happening in the world right now.

Segments on the show have been dedicated to talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and the importance of using your voice and platform to educate others.

David states in the video below that he wasn’t taking the money to benefit himself. More so he was going to use any extra money that he earned as a donation for Black Lives Matter.

#BB22 FB to this morning (a thread)

David talks about winning the $10k in the Otev competition. He didn’t plan to taking the money – but he found the prize shirt immediately so decided to take it.

BONUS: Triple Eviction Results Below!

Julie Chen made sure to keep the triple eviction a secret until further notice and revealed to the houseguests that it tonight would go much faster than previous weeks. The night began with footage from the BB house and then it was time for the vote and eviction. Unfortunately, Kevin was voted out on a unanimous vote and decided not to give anyone a hug on his way out.

In a surprise question and answer competition, Memphis pulled his third HOH win of the season where he decided to nominate David and Nicole for eviction. In the veto competition, Christmas won it and decided not to use it to save the nominees from the chopping block. David ended up being the second houseguest evicted from the house on a 3-2 vote.

The final HOH of this triple eviction was won by Tyler who nominated Dani and Nicole for eviction. The second veto competition of the night was won by Tyler who decided not to use it and kept his nominations the same. In a shocking eviction, Dani was evicted on a 4-0 vote.

The three evictees will be joining Ian and Da’Vonne in the jury house and will crown the winner of Big Brother on October 28, 2020.

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