Moments You Missed On This Week’s ‘Big Brother All Stars’ Live Feeds

The big alliance of the season that has controlled the house since week one managed to snatch power again. So what exactly happened this week? Keep reading to find out!

Da’Vonne and Kevin on the block?! Are you really surprised? This season has been very predictable and while last week proved to be the biggest shake-up the house got since the start, it went right back to normal.

Memphis ended up winning HOH and with him in power it only made sense for him to go after David. However, he opted to put two pawns up on the block and backdoor his intended target.

Things didn’t go as planned as Tyler won the veto and decided to not use it to save the “pawns” of the week. This means either Da’Vonne or Kevin will be going home.

But there are so many other moments that just don’t make it to TV, here are some of them that you may have missed!

#5 Tyler VS The Chair

The Big Brother house has had its fair share of accidents. People have slipped, fallen, and even broken their foot on the show (sorry, Christmas).

Unfortunately for Tyler, he managed to fall through a chair in the backyard.

It seemed like a chill day for the houseguests, as some can be seen tanning outside. The peacefulness was disturbed by Tyler as he tried to sit in the chair only for it to be a total fail.

#4 Da’Vonne And Wine

The houseguests got booze! There’s been numerous times the houseguests have requested alcohol with no luck.

Patience is a virtue and they got exactly what they wanted after waiting for so long. In particular, Day had been drinking a lot of wine and was ready to call out everyone.

She reminded herself to eat something or else she was going to drag each person in the house. Da’Vonne did not call out anyone at any point but she was frustrated when the veto wasn’t used after she was told it would be.

She made sure to make it known beforehand that she didn’t believe a word that came out of the HOH’s mouth to Kevin but it seemed like no matter what they were still doomed.

The big alliance is beginning to have cracks and it only made sense for that to be a motive for Tyler not to use the veto as it didn’t really benefit his game.

#3 Charades Time

I don’t ever remember feeds being out for so long in a single day. The feeds were out for 22 hours and BB Twitter was not having it.

People suspected houseguests got into a physical altercation while others thought someone may have tested positive for COVID-19.

None of that was the case and the feeds returned to the houseguests playing charades. In the last minute, Day managed to figure out what Nicole was trying to act out!

However, many do believe that something happened in the 22 hours that feeds were gone as houseguest were talking about things we, the live feeders, had no idea about.

Anything that we don’t see, we can fully expect to see some of it on TV. Hopefully, on Thursday’s eviction episode!

#2 Day’s Final Talk

There’s very few players that make an impact on the people that watch it. Da’Vonne has been a fan favorite ever since her rookie season on Big Brother 17 and she has left her mark on the show.

Many believed that she left too early on her first season and were rooting for her on her second season, which she did make it farther. However, she only managed to get to the second phase and became the first member of the jury house in season 18.

The announcement of Big Brother All-Stars had fans screaming for Da’Vonne to come back and many thought this was her season to win.

But, it seems this week might be the last one for Day as she says goodbye to the live feeders below.

There still might be a small glimmer of hope as the house could flip at any point. Here’s to wishing the unexpected!

Regardless, Day will always be a BB favorite and we hope she still gets a chance at the half-million dollars!

#1 Day’s New Single

This list wouldn’t be complete without Da’Vonne’s weekly jingles. She manages to make a new song every week and it’s honestly hilarious.

Last week, she made a song specifically asking Rihanna about her album and suggesting that she should drop it.

Fans on Twitter have started making albums (yes, albums) of Day and her iconic lines on the show and on The Challenge.

Her new song was made in the bathroom and she had Tyler, Kevin, and Christmas dancing along with it.

What we’re some of your favorite moments from this past week of Big Brother? Let us know in the comments below!

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