Moments You Missed On The ‘Big Brother All Stars’ Live Feeds This Week

While not every moment that is filmed makes the final cut to TV, live feeders do get the opportunity to see much more of what is happening inside the house. Here are the top moments that didn’t air on ‘Big Brother’.

With the two biggest targets, Janelle and Kaysar, out of the house the brand new HOH was bound to get blood on their hands this week. The house got a minor shake up after Christmas won the HOH competition. We all know she is part of ‘The Committee’ alliance so her choices for nominees were more than obvious, however, in the Big Brother house you can always “expect the unexpected”

A lot went down this week and here are some moments you may have missed.

#5 Nicole Cries After Her Conversation W/ Bayleigh

After Christmas won HOH, the live feeds were down until the west coast show aired. Once they came back, we saw a distraught Nicole talking to her allies, Dani and Tyler, in the photo room. She retells them the conversation she had with Bayleigh and how multiple people confirmed to her that Nicole is going after her.

Keep in mind, that this is in fact true. Both Dani and Nicole have tried to put a target on Bayleigh and Da’Vonne in order for them to be put up on the block together for weeks now.

This crying is most likely due to the fact that Nicole’s position in the house may have been compromised as no one has been targeting her except for Janelle.

#4 Ian Calls Bayleigh The Wrong Name

Before Kaysar’s eviction, Ian got intel about who is working with who in the house. A wall yeller and a couple of conversations later, Ian realized he was getting played by his ‘Million Club’ partner Nicole.

Ian quickly revealed to Kaysar that Nicole was trying to get him to put up Bayleigh and Da’vonne on the block if he won the next HOH. Ian relayed this information to Bayleigh without telling her that it was Nicole that wanted her out. However, Kaysar ended up filling the missing information to both Bay and Day.

In another round of telephone, Bayleigh told Cody about what they said and Cody repeated it to Nicole, who ultimately felt betrayed.

Once Kaysar was out of the house and there was a new HOH, Ian quickly tried to cover up his tracks and told Nicole that Kaysar was lying.

At the same time, Ian also talked to Bayleigh and apologized for what happened. Bayleigh felt that it was unfair that she could no longer keep her friend safe while Ian, who was the one that revealed the information in the first place, was going to maintain his safety.

After the conversation was over, Bayleigh got up and Ian made the slip of calling her Day instead of Bay. Yikes!

#3 Da’Vonne Tells Kaysar He Was Right

After nominations, Bayleigh was shocked to see herself nominated with her best friend after thinking she formed a close bond with Christmas.

However, this cleared a lot of things up for Da’Vonne who ultimately admitted that Kaysar was indeed correct about there being a big alliance running the game.

Mind you, Kaysar had tried telling the outsiders that this alliance was going to pick them off one by one if they didn’t flip the house. But they chose to play it safe rather than make an enemy out of them.

Granted the outsiders have also had no power in the game at all to strike against the core four so it did not make any sense for them to go after them, at least not yet.

#2 Ian Hugs Da’Vonne And Bayleigh

Going into the veto meeting, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope that Christmas would save Da’Vonne and put Tyler up as the replacement nominee. As we know that wasn’t the case, which meant either Bayleigh or Da’Vonne would be going home on Thursday.

Feeds showed Bay and Day in the nomination chairs reflecting on what transpired in the veto meeting when Ian walked passed and hugged them after what happened.

Ian began talking to Bayleigh after Day left. This moment was truly heartwarming as all of them have developed a genuine friendship inside the house.

#1 Da’Vonne Wants A Fair Chance

After the fallout between the HOH and the nominees, the house was sent into a shockwave. Many of the houseguests began voicing their opinion on the matter with the majority siding with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.

In a moment of vulnerability, Day revealed to Dani that she is tired of being on the outskirts every season and just wants a fair chance to win the game just like everybody else.

Combined with what happened in her previous two seasons playing Big Brother and the Slick Six alliance falling apart, it makes sense for Day to feel frustrated after everything that happened this week.

After Bayleigh was evicted from the house by an unanimous vote, the remaining houseguests were told that they have officially made it to jury.

In a live endurance competition played out on live feeds called ‘Power Trip’, the houseguests were put on a wall and had to hang on for dear life in order to be crowned the new HOH.

The competition lasted well over an hour and the first three people to fall off were set to be the have-nots for the week. Da’Vonne, David, and Ian were the first to fall off followed by Memphis, Enzo, Kevin, and Tyler.

The last three remaining on the wall were Nicole, Cody, and Dani. This trio has been dominating the game since week one so any of them winning power doesn’t really matter since they’re safe with each other, right? Well, it’s Big Brother and you can never truly feel safe in this game.

After enduring this hard competition, Dani became the new head of household making her the first person to win HOH in three different seasons. Congrats Dani!

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