Mish Gao from MTV’s ‘Double Shot at Love’ Talks ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Episode 6

Mish Gao has been keeping up with this season of The Challenge and shared her thoughts on everything from Theresa’s gameplay to Lio’s emotional exit. 

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Posted On: January 21st, 2021 5:32 pm pst

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Episode 6 of The Challenge: Double Agents saw a lot of double crossing between the players, and an OG make her mark in the game. 

Mish Gao from MTV’s  Double Shot at Love season 1 joined Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News, as the two discussed everything that went down on The Challenge: Double Agents

Usually when your name is in the title of an episode, that means you’re doing something right. This episode was called “From Theresa With Love”, but it seems some of the players were feeling anything but love for Theresa, due to her making alliances with the rookies and the vets. When it comes to the OG’s gameplay Mish does not fault Theresa for how she’s playing the game. 

“When it comes to a competition show, I don’t think there is a right or wrong. If you pay attention to what she says to people, you’ll see that Theresa is very selective with the information that she gives out. She’s not going to flat out say I’m putting you in, but she is  saying I’m going to do what’s best for me.  I don’t think she’s wrong at all, you  have to look out for yourself.”

We also saw a somber moment during Wednesday night’s episode when rookie Lio Rush revealed he was having a tough time being away from home. He later decides to take himself out of the game to focus on his mental health.  

“I was bummed because I really wanted to see him win or go far, but it’s a lot to leave your family behind, and do a show like The Challenge. When Kam brought up the point with him being a black man, and to see a man talk about mental health is just very refreshing, and very real. I love that everyone was supportive of his exit.  The Challenge is not as important as your health and your well being.” said Gao. 

Lio wasn’t the only person to exit the game, Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell was sent home again after Kam beat her during the elimination.

“When Ashley came back, I had a gut feeling that she wouldn’t be in the game long, because they were so quick to want to get rid of her in the beginning because of her past, so I felt like she had a big target going back in.”

Mish is no stranger to reality TV, appearing on Double Shot at Love season 1. When asked if she would compete on The Challenge if given the opportunity, she says she would love to. 

“During Double Shot at Love, a lot of us would talk about what other shows we would be interested in doing, If I was asked 2 years ago to do The Challenge I would have said no. Since then I’ve grown a lot more internally and externally, and I think if I were to do any show I would want to do something like The Challenge, or just a competition show in general.” said Gao. 

Since Double Shot At Love, Mish has  been keeping busy, and even stays in touch with some of the women who were also on the show. 

“I’m still friends with Holly, Elle, I visited Zuljeily during quarantine. I’m still friends with a lot of the people. With 2020 and COVID in general  my life changed in terms of my job. I even had COVID, now I’m fine. I’m also working with athletes now, I’m in sports marketing. When I saw Lolo on the show I was like no way, because one of the people I work with, worked with her.” Said Gao. 

Check out the full interview with Mish Gao and Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News. 

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