Melissa Reeves Reveals Who’s Not the Father of Her Unborn Baby

A big congratulations to Melissa Reeves, because The Challenge star announced she’s pregnant.

Before we go any further we have to warn you there are some possible spoilers when it comes to season 35 of The Challenge.

Reeves posted a picture on Twitter over the weekend showing off her baby bump. “Mini me coming summer of 2020.” Reeves tweeted.

After the news broke, many started speculating that the father is Challenge champ Kyle Christie.

Allegedly they are both on the upcoming season of The Challenge, and there are rumors that they hooked up while filming.

Reeves has not yet revealed who the father is, but took to social media on Monday to address the rumors about Kyle.

“Putting a stop to these ridiculous false rumors that Kyle is the father of my unborn baby, it’s actually comical that people think this.” Reeves tweeted.

The Challenge star has also remained tight lipped on the gender of the baby, but if Melissa really is on this upcoming season we cannot wait to see her in action.

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