‘Masters of the Air’ Episode 4 Reactions!

Fans ejected themselves from their jump seats after episode 4’s dramatic reveal of our WWII heroes!

**Spoilers for Episode 4**

Masters of the Air is the latest WWII miniseries to grace the small screen from producers Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg, who previously collaborated on similar projects, such as Band of Brothers and The Pacific. The pair of Hollywood icons return to tell the story of the American airmen who piloted B-17s against the Germans during “The Bloody One Hundredth.”

Based on Donald L. Miller’s book, Masters of The Air, the series follows 25 combat missions flown by the Eighth Air Force in October 1943. By the end of their campaign, fewer than a quarter of these men came back down from the sky.

The show begins by introducing its four primary characters: Maj. John “Bucky” Egan (Callum Turner), Maj. Gale “Buck” Cleven (Austin Butler), Harry Crosby (Anthony Boyle) and Robert “Rosie” Rosenthal (Nate Mann). Working alongside each other in their crowded B-17s; their perilous experiences as skilled pilots, navigators and bombardiers are tested against vicious aerial bombardment by German planes.

Episode 4 saw the flyboys celebrate their 25th mission over drinks, as we’re told that only 12 of the 35 crews survived last week’s bloody battle. During the celebration, Bucky is told to stand down for their next mission and receives a well-deserved, weekend leave.

With time to spend around London’s bustling city streets, Bucky takes to the local pubs for drinks and sits opposite a seductive woman, pouring shots of vodka and conversing with him. After a few drinks and hours dancing together, the two make their way to a hotel bedroom for an intimate night under the sheets.

Meanwhile, the emotional climax of the episode comes from some unfortunate news that Buck and Crosby (Anthony Boyle) have been killed in action. Much like Egan, fans don’t know what to make of this distressing news and must instead rely on future episodes for clarity. Fortunately, Cros serves as the show’s narrator, leading many to believe that the duo survived and are either stranded or prisoners of war.

Episode 5 of Masters of the Air releases Friday, Feb. 16 on Apple TV Plus.

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