Marty’s Got 99 Problems…and Navarro’s #1! – S3 E4 ‘Ozark’ Recap & Review

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As one of Netflix’s top shows, Ozark definitely has a reputation for being a great show to talk about with your friends. Now with the OZARK AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, you can join us every week to discuss the episodes and break down your favorite moments! Will Marty ever get out from under the shady dealings? Will his family ever forgive him for what they’ve had to do? Will they even survive the ordeal? Tune in for more discussion and even potential special guests! Also, stay up to date with all the juicy news and gossip!

Episode Recap

What Happened In This Episode of TV? In this episode we discuss Marty’s kidnapping and coming face to face with Navarro, Wendy trying to hold things together in Marty’s absence and Ruth gettin a little loving. Get a glimpse in the beginnings of Marty and his genius through flashbacks Ruth and Ben work to stave off FBI agent which lead to the advancement of their relationship. Wendy realizes Marty’s importance to the whole operation

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Tenere Williams (@tenerew) Sean McHugh (@seanstar75)

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