‘Marrying Millions’ Season 2: Meet the Couples

New episodes of Marrying Millions (finally!) return to Limetime beginning January 27! Get to know the cast ahead of the mid-season premiere that you don’t want to miss.

Whether you’ve been following along since Season 1, or you’re joining mid-season 2, Marrying Millions is a show you can get behind at any time, thanks to the surprisingly relatable couples that never fail to disappoint. Lifetime’s hit docuseries follows seven couples that come from very different socio-economic backgrounds: one partner is rich and the other is not.

As outrageous as their stories are, the couples’ stories still feel relatable as they juggle the disapproval of family and friends while navigating their own differences of class, culture, age and background. What do they have in common? Love, appreciation of the good life…and drama. The explosive last season left us stunned with two pending proposals, one confession of infidelity, and lots of questions.

Here’s a recap of the class clashing couples that we’re always rooting for:

Bill and Brianna

We first met Bill and Bri in Season 1. Bill, 62, and twice divorced is a commercial real estate tycoon who describes himself as “a teenager at heart.” When we first met family girl Bri, 22, she was working as a hostess in Dallas, where she and Bill met. As Bri finds her footing in Bill’s high society Dallas social circle, we’ll see if Bill is ready to settle down and pop the question or if his ex-wife has convinced Bill that a 40-year age difference is too big a burden to bear.

Dani and Donovan

High school friends that could never make it work, Dani, 25 and Don, 26, reconnected later in life through Don’s now multi-million dollar real estate company. Dani, from a very traditional Mexican family is now employed by Don (although she feels undervalued as his employee). As work tensions continue to boil under the surface, Dani is ready to take the next step in life and start a family. Don gets the “win over your dad award” after the Season 2 Winter finale, where Don faced Dani’s dad, proving that though they don’t speak the same language, when you love the same person it’s clear without words, giving us all a teary-eyed moment. Next challenge: discussing the prenup.

Kevin and Kattie

Kevin, 30, a self-made millionaire, met Kattie, 23, when she traveled to Mexico for the sole purpose of seeing him speak at one of his company events. The two have been on and off ever since. Kevin believes that most of their problems stem from money, “since she doesn’t have enough to keep up with his luxurious lifestyle.” Kevin doesn’t like to “spoil” Kattie, as we saw when he proposed they go dutch on an expensive dinner date and during an awkward Christmas exchange, (or lack thereof on Kevin’s part.) When we last saw them, tensions were high after Kattie asked for help with a tough month of rent and Kevin who is self-made, told her he doesn’t believe in loaning money to friends and family. When we left them, Kevin was making a BIG move…

Gentille and Brian

Possibly our most controversial couple from Season 1, Gentille and Brian are back after Gentille left Brian at the alter on their wedding day. Gentille, 45, a Las Vegas real estate investor, and Brian, 48, a blue-collar construction worker from Minnesota met when Gentille hired Brian on a development project. Gentille was quickly wooed by Brian’s charisma and they started dating. Last season, we found out that Brian had been keeping some secrets from Gentille, like living with his parents and past relationships with other wealthy women. But after all they’ve been through, will they be able to call it quits for good?

Nonie and Reese

International beauty mogul, mother, and self-described relentless worker, Nonie, (founder of Butter London nail products) found the yin to her yang after swiping right on Tinder. Reese, 17 years Nonie’s junior, is an occasional handyman who was living out of his truck and in a skate house with his buddies before meeting Nonie. When we left this couple, they had just moved Reese into Nonie’s Seattle home, despite Reese’s mother’s wishes. Though Nonie has already faced the heat of Reese’s disapproving family, how will they handle the Karen’s of Nonie’s life?

Rick and Erica

Rick, 69, an entrepreneur met Erica, 23, a social media influencer, by sliding into the DM. They quickly connected and moved into Rick’s Miami Beach yacht. Their biggest problem on screen appears to be that Erika cares more about her Dad’s approval than anything, but since he’s younger than her partner Rick, things get a bit uncomfortable. When we last left Rick and Erica, there was a possible engagement and many looming family concerns about their 40-year age difference.

Rodney and Desiry

One of the most talked about couples from Season 2, Rodney, 51, a wine entrepreneur met Desiry, 55, who runs a non-profit, through a mutual friend. The couple has had quite the journey on MM so far and taken A LOT of heat from fans. Living on opposite coasts has posed a challenge, but Rodney is committed to supporting Desiry financially, much to the dismay of his parents… who just found out about their secretive 2-year relationship. After some trust issues and secrets being uncovered, we left the couple with a pending engagement and promises of a more open relationship. Will Rodney keep to his promises to Desiry or will we uncover more secrets?

All new episodes of Marrying Millions will premiere Wednesdays, starting Jan. 27 at 10 pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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