Married to Medicine: LA S2 E9 Recap & After Show: The Married To Married LA- Designer Labels, Drag Queens and Best Dancer

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Ever wonder what life is like in the ritzy lifestyle of being married to a doctor? On the MARRIED TO MEDICINE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, each week we’re talking all the tea as we discuss each episode of this amazing reality show. From the shade to the wholesome moments, tune in each week! Subscribe to stay up to date.

In this week’s episode, Dr. Kendra and Jazmine come to an agreement on their fitness schedule. The Ladies let their hair down at the drag show. Dr. Imani models and shows off her dance moves. Jazmine goes against Lia’s designer label rules. Shanique opens up to Dr. Imani about her career change fears. The husband’s-Dr. Robert and Mack educate Dr. Hobart about the disadvantage of asking an african american to quit her job.

This After Show was hosted by Eric Devontae Russell (@TheWorldAccordingToEric), Regina Coles (@ReginaColes), Queen Esther Ekanem (@QueenEstherE), and Alexis Brown (@IAmLexiFierce)

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