Married to Medicine: LA S2 E8 Recap & After Show: Sis-cation!

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Ever wonder what life is like in the ritzy lifestyle of being married to a doctor? On the MARRIED TO MEDICINE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, each week we’re talking all the tea as we discuss each episode of this amazing reality show. From the shade to the wholesome moments, tune in each week! Subscribe to stay up to date.

Things are getting heated up as the ladies head to Palm Springs for a relaxing weekend hosted by Dr. Imani. Prior to leaving for Palm Springs, Dr. Imani informs the ladies that she and Phil her estranged husband plan to divorce. The ladies all rally around her, lending their support. While heading to Palm Springs on a party bus minus Imani who opted to drive, the ladies unwind on the bus by dancing, snacking and having cocktails. Jazmin shows off her ripped body with some tantalizing dance moves. Arriving in Palm Springs the ladies are impressed with the beautiful home Imani rented for their stay. The evening proves to be full of surprises with Imani inviting a Shamen, hiring a handsome cowboy chef to prepare their meals and strippers dressed as policemen to amp up the fun. By the end the night a gift exchange between the group doesn’t quite go as well, and ends up with a lot of shade being thrown. Britten reveals that she’d rather have her son sleeping in the bed with her than her husband Matt who’s out of town all the time, because her son makes her feel needed.

Hosted by Eric Russell, ReGina Coles, and Esther Ekanem

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