Married to Medicine: LA S2 E4 Recap & After Show: It’s Time to Heal

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Things are getting a bit scary as Dr. Kendra finds herself being torn emotionally
between her duties as a new mom and her need to get out the house and go back to
work, which doesn’t set well with Hobart. Meanwhile Dr. Britten and Mack along
with the kids go trick or treating and later the adults attend a costumed Haunted
Hayride put on by Shanique and Dr. Robert. Dr. Imani inviting the uninvited Lia as
her plus one creates a stir. Things in the Haunted House get everybody hot and
bothered leading to lots of revisited scary words between Shanique, Jazmin, Dr.
Imani and Lia leading to heated confrontations outside of a bar, ending the night’s
fun early. A boo of an episode!

Dr. Kendra seeks to mend fences between Shanqiue and Jazmin by inviting the two
to join her at her favorite Malibu winery. The meeting appears to be a success! Later
Jazmin puts on her Fitness professional hat and visits Kendra, placing her on a strict
diet consisting of smaller portion size of protein and veggies much to Kendra’s
dismay. Dr. Imani’s mom pays her a visit after returning from China, with Imani
opening up to her mom that she has a non-traditional marriage. The episode ends
with Dr. Contessa from Atlanta meeting up with Britten and Imani in New Orleans
all serving as Grand Marshalls in their annual Xavier Medical school event. The three
ladies later find themselves in a heartfelt talk as Dr. Britten and Imani open up about
challenges with their children and marriages.

Hosted by Eric Russell, ReGina Coles, and Esther Ekanem

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