Marlon Williams Talks ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ episode 18

We finally made it to the first part of the season finale of The Challenge: Double Agents, and our jaws are still on the floor after everything that happened.

Challenge alum Marlon Williams joined Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News to talk all about episode 18.

Four teams remain in the game, as they compete to win the grand cash prize. During the first checkpoint, the teams are taken back to memory lane, where they find out they will be competing in the same mission that was introduced in episode 1.

The men go first, and right off the bat, it’s a fight to the finish. Out of all the men, Fessy does whatever he has to in order to secure his win. He starts to wrestle C.T. in order to take the capsule away from him, something that Marlon says was a bad move on Fessy’s part.

“Fessy was doing too much. If C.T. was already holding the capsule out, and he’s not trying to keep you from seeing it, just look over his shoulder. You made your job a thousand times harder trying to fight C.T. for the capsule, instead of just looking at it.” explained Williams.

In the end Fessy’s method did not work, and C.T. was the winner for the first heat. Up next the women gave it their all, but to everyone’s surprise Amber B was victorious. Not only did she win, but she also beat C.T.’s time , making her the sole winner of the first mission.

“I love Amber’s win because it’s like redemption for her after the last daily challenge she participated in. With C.T. a lot of people don’t give C.T. enough credit. The dude is actually smart. I met up with Leroy, and he told me that people don’t understand how smart C.T. is” said Williams. “I think people under calculated how powerful a team C.T. and Amber could be in the final because now they both bring brains, endurance, and bronze. They’re also communicating and working together.”

After the first heat, the 4 teams had to run to the next checkpoint. On the way Kaycee fell and injured her knee, causing a medic to come and check her out.

Eventually All teams, including Fessy and injured Kaycee made it to the next mission where they had to drink animal blood, as well as eat animal parts. Everyone gave it their all, with the exception of Fessy. The Big Brother alum did not see the point of continuing the mission since Kaycee was injured. Something that Marlon says was not a smart move.

“That first leg of the challenge wasn’t over yet, you don’t know what’s coming next. It could be a bike ride, where her knee is not a factor, or they could get a night’s rest, and Kaycee could wake up in the morning and her knee is in better condition,” explained Marlon. “Fessy pushed his partner all the way to the ground for his own selfish ego, and now she’s putting everything on the line so they won’t get disqualified, but he won’t put any effort in for her? That is selfish.”

Throughout this season Marlon was not impressed with Fessy’s performance during the daily challenges as well as how he treated his teammates.

“You are barely performing at a high level, and none of the big dogs are there. Jordan is not there, Wes is not there, Derrick Kosinski, Paulie, Zach Nichols, I can go down the list. Leroy is there, Derryl was there, but he’s been gone for a while. Fessy is barely performing above average, and the majority of the big dogs aren’t even there to be at his neck.” said Marlon. “For Fessy to walk into the Challenge house and claim he is an alpha, but barely compete with the B team there? Fessy would be getting mollywhopped if the first string was there.”

After the eating challenge, Amber and C.T. were victorious yet again. This time they had a decision to make which was to sabotage another team with an extra portion of food. The episode ended with C.T. trying to figure out who he was going to sabotage.

“I think he’s going to give it to Kam’s team because C.T. knows Kam can solve puzzles, he has to put as many obstacles in front of her to hold her back, because she is probably the only person that can keep up with him with puzzles and trivia.” Explained Marlon

When it comes to who Marlon wants to take home the grand prize, he’s rooting for none other than Leroy.

“Of all the years of the challenges, for a guy to play such an ethical game, and try to do right by people all these years, there’s not a single challenger that deserves to go out with a win more than Leroy. Leroy is one of those people you just root for, he deserves it.” Said Marlon.

Marlon has been a busy man lately. He’s been working on a street wear brand that is geared toward fitness called BBG Street Wear, as well as working on new music.

Make sure to catch The Challenge: Double Agents finale this Thursday at 8pm PST. on MTV.

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