Mark Cuevas Talks Life Since Love is Blind, BLM & More | AfterBuzz TV

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What are the struggles that go along with being a teen mom? On the TEEN MOM AFTER SHOW, we answer that question and more as we follow the moms as they navigate their lives through relationships, jobs, friendships, and hardships after being teen moms. We’ve got you covered as we give our opinions on the show and serve up the tea on what is happening in the teen mom universe. AfterBuzz TV’s All Things Teen Mom show has you covered on discussing every latest episode of Teen Mom and all it’s spinoffs!
The star of Netflix’s hit series “Love Is Blind,” Mark found his heart broken at the altar after his fiancé said she would not go through with their wedding. Since the series aired, Mark is thriving in Atlanta and has his eyes on the prize – celebrity fitness training. Mark keeps himself busy by staying fit, keeping in touch with friends and family, and working towards his goal of being the go-to fitness expert in the health and wellness space.

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