Make Your Own Path- S1 E8 ‘Devs’ After Show

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When cutting edge technology can pave the way for progress in more ways than one, he who holds the power can make choices that affect everyone. Join us every single week as we break down each episode of this phenomenal series. With plot discussion and character breakdowns and analysis, subscribe to the DEVS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST to stay up to date.

In the finale of Devs, everything is revealed and unfolds. Lily finally enters the heart of Devs only to find Forrest sitting in the screening room waiting for her. Forrest explains that he has seen this interaction play out multiple times before and instead of telling Lily what happened, she asks him to show her. The video Forrest shares shows Lily holding Forrest at gunpoint as they exit the screening room and go to the side elevator exit. While the box transports the two of them Lily shoots Forrest and punctures the box causing them them to collapse in the electromagnetic field completely exposed. Lily crawls out and dies. After present Lily and Forrest watch this the events start to play out. Forrest makes it clear that NOTHING can change these series of events. It is going to happen. Lily escorts Forrest by gunpoint and they enter the side elevator. Alison Pill closes the door and before it closes Lily THROWS THE GUN OUT THE DOOR – EFFECTIVELY CHANGING WHAT SHE SAW. The door closes and everyone’s minds are metaphorically blown. However, Stuart at the other side of the elevator decides to turn the transportation device off resulting in the elevator dropping, shattering, and exposing Lily and Forrest to electromagnetism. They both die. The path was slightly different, but they both die. This is where it gets WILD. So try to keep up… Forrest appears on the Dev’s screen while Alison Pill explains that he has died and this is a copied version of him in the devs technology. She tells him that they are going to use Lyndon’s theory and initiate him in a multiverse version of reality. Forrest says “fuck it lets do it”. CUT TO Lily waking up where we met her episode 1 in her San Fransisco apartment with none other than Sergei. The day plays out. Sergei has a presentation at Devs, they commute, Lily is gobsmacked. Deja Vu in it’s truest form. Sergei notices Forrest drive by their bus stop as they enter Devs building. Lily stops Sergei to check his iPhone – the same iPhone that contained a sudoku app connected to a secret Russian intelligence group. Sergei flips out and snags his phone back, only to walk away to his presentation. Lily walks to Devs where all of the shit hit the fan only to see three figures playing in a meadow. It’s Forrest, his wife, and his daughter -alive and well. Forrest notices Lily and walks to her. He explains that they are in another reality -another version of time. Everything that happened, happened… but now they get to relive it a little differently. A timeline where there’s no reason for Forrest to kill Sergei because his daughter is alive, but one thing remains the same: Lily is following her own path. The show ends with her rushing to the San Fransisco train station to interrupt Jamie on his home commute. She calls his name and gives him the most passionate hug. Jamie might not know what Lily had been through but he know she has changed. The End.
This aftershow was hosted by Ryan Nilsen (@RyNilsen), Benjamin Schnua @BenSchnau, Ashley Dior Jones (@Ashleydiorjones) , and Tyler McKinney (@MsTylerSimone)

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