Madison McGhee Talks New Game-Changing Podcast ‘Ice Cold Case’ “I just want to go to bed at night and know who killed my dad”

There’s a new True Crime podcast out that’s got everyone talking including some pretty big stars. Learn all about Ice Cold Case and why it’s one of  AfterBuzz TV’s podcasts to watch out for!

Every now and then a true crime podcast gets released and captivates the public and Ice Cold Case is no exception. However, this podcast goes a step further because the story Madison McGhee is telling is her personal story of a daughter seeking justice for her father.

McGhee spoke with AfterBuzz TV about stepping out of her comfort zone to create Ice Cold Case, how the podcast almost didn’t happen, and the unforetold journey she set on to find her father’s killer.


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In 2002 in Bellmount County Ohio, McGhee’s father, John Cornelius McGhee, was murdered in his home changing his daughter’s life forever. Now, 22 years later McGhee is ready to find answers and is taking listeners on for the ride.

Ice Cold Case premiered its first episode, and in just under a week it debuted on Spotify’s Top Charts in over ten countries, something that McGhee was not expecting.


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” I thought it would be a slow burn because I’m not affiliated with a podcast production company. I did this with a very small team of literal friends. I was not expecting episode one to blow up in that way.” Explained McGhee.

The Producer, who has worked with world-class brands and production companies is also getting support from some big names including Big Brother alums Kyland Young and Hannah Chaddha, Survivor and The Challenge alum Jay Starrett, as well as The Circle season 1 winner Shubham Goel.


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McGhee’s success did not come without hard work and dedication. After plans were scrapped to make her story into a documentary, McGhee took matters into her own hands.

“I was not anticipating how much work goes into investigating. There are ethics you have to uphold, I had to verify things, I had to hear from multiple people, and also, I’m dealing with some shady characters.” Explained McGhee. “Hearing things and not knowing who to trust, there were a lot of moments I would go to bed and I’d trust someone all day long, and then the next day I’d be like, wait a minute, they were lying to me the whole time.”

McGhee spoke with many people, but it seemed as if she was not getting the full story from some. She said many people want to keep this case on the low and don’t want her looking into it.

“This an open case with potentially multiple suspects still out and about and I think that freaks people out, which has me concerned because if you’re so worried, do you know who the people are? I just think that they’re afraid that there’s a killer on the loose essentially.” Explained McGhee.

Nonetheless, throughout all the hurdles, McGhee was finally able to share her story about her father, and now she has one goal for listeners who tune into her podcast.

“I want them to feel as compelled by this story as they do the missing white women in America. There is a thing called Missing White Women syndrome, where the internet goes absolutely bananas when a white woman, a pretty white girl goes missing. In a matter of days they’re finding Gabby Petito, they’re finding evidence of the Idaho killer. They’re finding all of these things, and all of those cases have a mutual thing in common, which is their white people, and no one cares that my black dad got murdered in kind of a drug environment. Said McGhee. “My goal was to make a show that would be just as compelling as the JonBenet Ramsey case, but it’s about my dad, and if I can draw people in by the quality of the product and the quality of the show, then maybe they’ll care and maybe they’ll start tweeting about it and start talking about it and start posting about it.”

Speaking of the quality of the show, when it comes to the next few episodes, McGhee said to expect things to get pretty heated.

When I looked at this, I went, who was around and who hated my dad, let’s look at them first. That’s kind of how we dive into the next few episodes. it’s going to get crazy.”

When it comes to what McGhee, herself, wants out of this podcast her answer is simple.

“I just want to go to bed at night and know who killed my dad. I don’t know if there will ever be enough evidence to convict someone, but I think if at the end of this, I get people calling saying they heard this or they were around during this time, and by the end of it I can come to my own conclusion where I lay my head at night knowing that’s who did it, I think that would be enough for me.” Explained McGhee.

Ice Cold Case is available on all podcast platforms.

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