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AFTERBUZZ TV – Mad Men edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Mad Men. In this very special show LIVE from the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, host Joe Braswell breaks down the episode in which Stan tells Don he is offering to relocate to California to support Sunkist and build a west coast presence for the agency “one desk at a time.” The agency receives an RFP from Hershey’s Chocolate and Jim assigns Don to make a pitch. Don spends a night in jail after drunkenly punching a minister. The next day, he pours all the liquor in the apartment down the drain. He tells Megan he wants to move to California and suggests she could pursue her acting career there. Megan is apprehensive at first, then offers her support after Don uses Stan’s line about building the agency there. Pete receives a telegram saying that his mother has fallen from a cruise ship and is lost at sea. He believes Manolo has kidnapped her, married her, and thrown her overboard, and accuses Bob of being an accessory. Pete and Bob then leave for Detroit, and Pete is planning to move there in order to support Chevy. However, Pete disgraces himself (after Bob’s prompting) when he attempts to drive a new Camaro Z28 in front of a team of executives, which forces Pete to cancel his move. Peggy changes into a provocative outfit and drops in on a conference with Jim, Ted, and Harry to announce that she is leaving for a date. Ted comes to Peggy’s apartment later that evening and says that he wants to leave his wife and be with her. They spend the night together and Ted talks about plans such as vacationing together in Hawaii over Christmas. He returns home late and is comforted by his wife. The next day Ted tells Don that he wants the Sunkist account, and wants to move with his family to California for a fresh start, as well as to distance himself from his feelings for Peggy. Don turns him down. Don then makes a brilliant pitch to Hershey, stating how he and his father shared a special bond over the company’s chocolate. As the executives prepare to leave, Don reveals that he was an orphan raised in a brothel in Pennsylvania and he would steal money from johns that he used to buy Hershey’s, then adds that the product is so iconic that it does not need an ad campaign. He then decides to give Ted the Sunkist account. Ted informs Peggy and Don informs Megan of the Sunkist news, which infuriates both women. The partners (with the exception of Ted and Pete) convene a meeting early on the morning of Thanksgiving and tell Don that his unpredictable behavior has forced them to insist that he take a mandatory leave of absence of at least a few months, with Peggy filling in for Don due to Ted’s move to Los Angeles. Pete visits Trudy on Thanksgiving before catching a flight to Los Angeles, where he is moving. Joan invites Roger over for Thanksgiving dinner, but to be in Kevin’s life and not hers. Following the partner’s meeting, Don picks up Sally, Bobby and Gene and takes them to a dilapidated rooming house, telling them that it is the house where he grew up. There to help Joe is co-host Matt Lieberman. Also joining the conversation are special guests Christopher Stanley (Henry Francis) and Beth Hall (Roger’s Secretary). It’s Mad Men’s “In Care Of” podcast!

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