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AFTERBUZZ TV – Lying Game edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Lying Game. In this episode, host Cathy Kelley breaks down the episode in which Dan goes crazy after Theresa is officially found dead. Alec finally tells him about the twins. Thayer, who has been jealous of Ethan lately, gives Emma an ultimatum on their relationship. Meanwhile, Ethan finds himself in a tough predicament with Dan, who tells Ethan that it’s either going to be his family or the twins. That same night, Emma tells Ethan that she chooses to be with him, but he tells her that their relationship has been the source of everything bad that has happened and leaves. Emma tells Laurel about her fears for the future when all of the lies are eventually brought to the surface. She also worries about what Kristin will think. Theresa’s autopsy report comes back and states that she had died due to a blow to the head (probably from a metal object), a few days prior to the discovery of her body, covered in bits of limestone. Sutton begs Ted to not tell Kristin anything just yet. Emma and Rebecca finally confront one another, with Emma completely rejecting Rebecca as her mother. Dan finds the site where Theresa was most likely killed. Sutton warns Emma to not fall under Rebecca’s spell and the twins share a bonding moment. The girls, along with Laurel, see a news broadcast of Dan and Ethan at the murder scene and Sutton notices Dan holding a bag that was found. Emma tells her to go to Ethan and try to find out what it was to see if they could connect it to Rebecca. Emma talks to Laurel about her fall-outs with both Ethan and Thayer. Thayer is shown collapsing in anger from a run. Kristin and Ted are settling their divorce, which doesn’t end well because Ted won’t come clean due to his promise to Sutton. Ethan reluctantly tells Sutton that they found half of a heart necklace at the crime scene and Sutton brings out the other half, which Rebecca had given her. Dan takes the evidence to Alec and he issues a warrant for Rebecca’s arrest. When everyone leaves the office, Alec makes a call to a mystery person, telling them to pack their bags fast. When Dan and his police crew show up at Rebecca’s home, they find that she had already left. Later, Rebecca sends a videochat to the twins, asking them to believe that she is innocent for both murders. She also refuses to let them know her location, since she claims that she doesn’t want to put them in danger. She does, however, contact Jordan and tells him that she wants him to leave town with her. Jordan doesn’t want anything to do with her, but she blackmails him, saying that she’ll go to the police about what he did to his brother back home. Emma (as Sutton) lets Kristin know that she loves her. Ted tells the twins that he has to tell Kristin and wants to introduce Emma to her. Emma tells Sutton that she’ll leave the family alone until Kristin is ever ready to meet her and makes Sutton attend Theresa’s memorial gala instead of her. At Theresa’s memorial, Dan thanks Sutton for helping him. Alec tells Mads that he’s glad Rebecca is away from their family. Emma goes to Thayer for a little talk. Rebecca sends Alec a note telling him to meet her on the roof of the country club, where the memorial is being held. She tells him that she knows that the both of them know who the real killer is. Fed up with running away from his past, Jordan turns himself into the police against Mads’ pleas, in which the police tell her that Jordan is being arrested for his brother’s murder. Rebecca accuses Alec of chasing her out of town so that she would be forever framed as a fugitive, while the person that Alec is protecting will live freely. Ted is about to finally tell Kristin about the twins, when Alec suddenly falls from the ceiling. Emma tells Thayer that she wants them to remain friends and an emotionally unstable Thayer orders her to leave. After she quickly runs off, Thayer lifts his couch cushion to reveal a large, sharp weapon, with rust resembling the ones at Theresa’s suspected murder site. He then proceeds to smash various objects around his room, including a framed photograph of Emma. There to help Cathy is co-host Danica Kennedy. It’s Lying Game’s “To Lie For” podcast!

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