“Love The Way You Lie” Season 2 Episode 33 ‘Love After Lockup’ Review

Breanna Chianne (@iamb_chianne) and P’etra Elise (@petraelisetv) broke down all the juicy messiness of our convicts. Cheryl and Josh may have called it quites and we have more details in News & Gossip. Amber is diggin for more answers from Vincent and the same goes for Lacey’s dad with Shane. Angela claims to have called it quits with Tony and finds out about another woman! Plus, let’s see how long Glorietta and Alexander can ride their honeymoon phase with this propsal.

The Love After Lockup After Show:

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The phrase “ball and chain” takes on a whole new meaning in “Love after Lockup.” Couples meet their potential future spouses for the first time once the bars are removed from the relationship. The way is full of bumps — and some strong emotions — along its rocky road, but these inmates are tasting freedom for the first time in a long while. Join them as they leave their paper and pen behind and jump straight into dating, meeting the family and experiencing other first-time, nerve-wracking moments.

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