Love Shoulda Brought You Home – S2 E2 ‘Boomerang’ Recap & Review

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Join us for the BOOMERANG AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where each week we discuss Barry and David’s great new tv series based on the film! Join us for episode breakdowns, theories, plot discussion, and character development alongside special guests and juicy news about the show! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date with all things Boomerang!

Episode Recap

Going back to the day when Bryson and Simone decided to part ways. Bryson deals with his emotions about the breakup and calls his friends over to discuss what happened. The gang tries to come to terms about Simone’s actions and which side to choose.
  • This after show was hosted by: Missy Vernier, Chef Beanz, Tenere Williams, and Porchia Carter.

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