Love Mixed with WWE Wrestlers – S1 E5 & E6 ‘The Big Show Show’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Lola is excited to share with her sisters and Cassy her new love interest but when the Big Show finds out he is determined to protect his daughter and intimidate this boy. We get introduced to Greg Turbo who ends up being more excited to meet the Big Show than to go on a date with Lola. The Big Show and Greg Turbo begin their bromance during Lola and Greg’s date at the escape room in which the Big Show crashed. Cassy is also going through a rough time trying to adjust to her new life after losing her job and her daughters become concerned about her. JJ and Mandy try to do everything to help out their mom including hacking into their dad’s twitter account to get a hold of the one and only Tan France from Queer Eye. Tan France surprises the family and helps Cassy by giving her a fabulous makeover. At the end both Lola and the Big Show had to break up with Greg but the Big Show learns his lesson to not get involved in his daughter’s love life.

In episode 6, Cassy and the Big Show go on a WWE cruise to celebrate their anniversary which includes many surprise appearances including WWE Superstars Mark Henry, Mick Foley and Rikishi. The Big Show has planned so many surprises for Cassy but it all goes wrong when all Cassy wants to do is work and sell her haunted house. The wrestlers take advantage of this and take over what was supposed to be a romantic day for the married couple. The Big Show and Cassy end up arguing but make up shortly after with a romantic dance to a song by the Backstreet Boys sang by Mark, Mick and Rikishi. Meanwhile the girls are having a party while they are home alone to try to help Mandy win her campaign and become cool. It doesn’t all go well once Mandy reveals to everyone that she is in love with her opponent Taylor Swift. The girls eventually get discovered by a secret camera and get grounded by their dad.

  • This show was hosted by Leslie Colon @lesliecolon_ , Emily Mae @emilymaeheller, Kelsey Meyer @kelsmeyer2 and Bryant Santos @thebryantsantos

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