‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Season three of Love Is Blind has wrapped up, and we’re already missing the messy reality show. Netflix has taken us on another wild ride, and out of it came two marriages and another relationship. We got plenty of updates at the reunion, and now that the show has been released, we’re compiling all the updates from both the reunion and social media.

***Spoilers Ahead***


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Fans were happy to see both Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux say I do, and now that their marital status is confirmed, we’ve been blessed with tons of cute posts of the couple. Alexa, @alexaalfia on Instagram, has been spamming the platform with photos of the two, and we’re obsessed. She also shared a cute story during her time in the pods with Brennon that convinced us they’re truly meant to be. The pair shared at the reunion that they faced a few bumps upon moving in together, with their first argument being about dishes, but stated that overall they’re completely happy in their marriage. We couldn’t be more delighted to hear it!


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Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton’s relationship was pretty hard to read throughout the season, and fans were torn on whether or not the two would say I do; ultimately, they both said yes and tied the knot! They claimed to be doing well at the reunion even though they may not have had the most conventional marriage. The two stated that they do not live together due to differing lease agreements but plan to move in together in the next few months. The couple still spends nearly every night together and claims to be more than satisfied with their marriage. We wish them nothing but the best!


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Viewers were shocked when SK Alagbada said no to Raven Ross at the altar, especially since they quickly became a fan favorite. Luckily we got some lovely news at the reunion that the two have continued to pursue a relationship. The two confirmed at the reunion that they are still trying to make it work long distance between Dallas and California. We couldn’t be happier that the two are still giving it a shot, even though the experiment didn’t end in marriage for them.


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Zanab Jaffrey dramatically said I don’t to Cole Barnett at the altar, citing that he negatively impacted her self-esteem. Unfortunately, the two do not seem to be on the best terms after repeatedly arguing at the show’s reunion. Zanab claimed Cole told her he got a number during his bachelorette party and disrespected her in other ways. Jaffrey, @zanabjaffries on Instagram, took to the platform to defend herself after much of the internet has made her the “bad guy.” Many viewers are torn in their opinions on this relationship, but ultimately the pair just didn’t seem to work out.


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Nancy Rodriguez said yes at the altar but felt blindsided when Bartise Bowden said no, she revealed at the reunion. Nancy even claimed Bartise was with a tall blonde woman the day after the wedding, which he did not deny. The two do not seem to be on the best terms from the looks of the reunion, but they still follow each other on Instagram.

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