Love is Blind Finale Predictions!

We got to see the love, marriage and heartbreak of our favorite Love Is Blind couples.  This week, fans will find out what has happened with the cast after the show.  Here is a complete rundown of our predictions for the reunion!

Five couples got engaged sight unseen on season 2 of the hit reality tv show Love Is Blind. Throughout the season, fans got to witness the good, bad and ugly of all the couples.

Some got married and some did not make it. However, the love stories do not end there. Netflix will release the show’s final episode, “The Reunion”, on March 4th.

What couples made it? Who got back together? What have they said so far? Here is a complete breakdown of what we think will happen in the reunion:

Natalie & Shayne

Natalie and Shayne were surprisingly one of the strongest couples this season. Whether you like them or not, the two had a solid relationship. As with all couples, they had arguments and some drama with former contestant, Shaina Hurley. However, the two left the pods happily engaged.

Both claimed that they were going to say yes at the altar, but everything changed the night before their wedding. Apparently, the couple had a big argument which caused Natalie to say no.

These two might rekindle things at some point. Despite their devastating breakup, they both expressed their gratitude and love on Instagram after the episode aired. Additionally, they follow each other on social media. Perhaps they are still figuring things out, but we believe that Shayne and Natalie’s love story is far from over.


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Deepti & Shake

Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee had a strong relationship. The couple developed a profound relationship where they seemed like best friends. After the pods, Shake consistently expressed his doubts about his physical attraction to Deepti. Surprisingly, Deepti was the one to say no at the altar. Even though she seemed to be invested in their relationship, she was aware that he wasn’t going to give her everything she was looking for.

The two did not seem to end up on bad terms. However, there are no signs that they might be together. In fact, Shake shared an Instagram reel saying that he was not sad.

“You don’t have to like me, only I have to like me, thankfully that’s real life” – Shake’s Instagram

Given how the two have communicated throughout the season, we do not think that there will be conflict between the two in the reunion.

Iyanna & Jarrette

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely were a pleasant surprise. They had a very strong connection in the pods, but Jarrette proposed to Mallory Zapata. After she said no, Jarrette proposed to Iyanna. Even though she was doubtful, she accepted his proposal.

After the pods, they faced challenges with their compatibility in lifestyles and personalities. Their love was evident, but fans were not sure how this story was going to end. Surprisingly, the two got married in the season’s latest episode.

Where is the married couple now? Well, we are not sure if they lived happily ever after. The pair shared the same Instagram reel with the same caption, but they didn’t confirm or deny their relationship. These two might have faced some challenges, but hopefully they are still going strong.


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Danielle & Nick

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl’s relationship had lots of ups and downs. In the pods, the two seemed to have one of the most solid relationships. However, things got tough when they got into the real world. The couple had many arguments and faced multiple challenges because of Danielle’s insecurities. Despite their challenging relationship, they both said “I do”.

The couple seems to be on solid ground. Danielle has faced a lot of backlash from fans and shared a post on her Instagram saying:

“How I was represented on TV is not an accurate representation of who I am as a person. I understand that I have things to work on, and I was in a great mental space before going on the show. However, the stressful environment brought me back to a place that I never expected.” – Danielle Ruhl.


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To this date, they have not posted anything explicitly revealing if they are still together. However, Nick commented on her post and they both follow each other on social media. These are all good signs that the two are going strong.

Mallory & Sal

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata left the pods engaged. Even though Mallory had a strong connection with Jarrette, she chose Sal. Once the two left the pods their relationship was strange. The couple had romantic moments but seemed rather distant at times. They both vocalized their love for each other, but it wasn’t as apparent as with other couples. On their wedding day Sal said no at the altar. The couple talked it out and discussed the idea of dating after the show.

Mallory and Sal may be dating outside of the show. There is no doubt that they cared for each other, but they did need more time to develop that connection. Currently, they have been quiet on social media about their relationship status.


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This season of Love is Blind has been rocky to say the least. Despite the break ups, the couples did fall in love. Above all, the cast proved love is blind.

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