‘Love Is Blind’ Fan Reactions and Finale Predictions!

Netflix released another set of episodes this past Wednesday, and fans were left off waiting to hear Bartise’s response to Nancy’s I do, and not knowing the fate of the remaining couples is killing us! Here are some fan thoughts and predictions of what we can hope to see based on the past episodes.

SK and Raven

There’s no prediction here since Netflix gave us at least one answer in the latest episodes, unfortunately, it’s not the answer most wanted. Raven really grew on many fans and she and SK seemed to have a strong connection that could overcome differences and conflict. SK said I do not, attributing his decision to his upcoming move to California and the bad timing. Fans felt a bit blindsided by the decision as it had appeared the couple had discussed the issue and worked it out, but fans have expressed their shock and disappointment.

Nancy and Bartise

There has seemingly been a turnaround for the couple in the latest episodes, and there was an incredibly endearing moment in which Nancy gifted Bartise some wholesome gifts before the wedding. His response made us aww just a tiny bit, though some fans still hold some reservations about Bartise. Many feel that Bartise has been too harsh on Nancy and her physical appearance. We see Nancy say, “I do,” at the altar, but the episode ends abruptly after panning on Bartise and the guests as we wait to hear his response. While the show left us on a cliffhanger, fans had some theories about whether or not he will say “I do” as well as some additional thoughts about the couple.

Matt and Colleen

Matt and Colleen have had a few bumps throughout their journey, and some fans are not sure whether the two will make it past the alter given their rifts so far. Still, some fans have shown their support for the pair on social media. Matt has expressed some jealousy and anger issues that stem from his previous marriage, and fans wonder whether this will get in the way. Some have even expressed some concern. Though Matt has displayed some self-awareness, and it may be enough for the two to work out, only time will tell until we see the final episodes next week.

Brennon and Alexa

Brennon and Alexa have been another fan favorite since the beginning, with little conflict and plenty of precious moments shared during the season. Few issues have been presented to the couple, and the two have continued to sing praises about each other and their relationship. While the teasers for the upcoming episodes leave fans wondering whether or not the two will go through with their marriage, they’re hoping Netflix is just being tricky with their editing. Many fans on Twitter predict that the two will be the only successful couple of the season.

Cole and Zanab

While it seemed like there may have been a turnaround, fans are torn after yet another fight erupted between the couple during the final nights before the wedding. Cole was expressing how mad he was for Zanab only days before the argument, which had Zanab pack her bag and walk out the door. Ultimately the two reconciled before their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, but fans are left wondering what the two will decide at the altar. Many fans have doubts about the two and are anxiously awaiting their decisions. Many feel that the arguments and Cole’s initial issues with Zanab’s appearance are too much for the couple to work through.

The season premiere and reunion will be released on Netflix on Nov. 9.

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