Lorraine Lopez Talks Worst Dating Stories on Horribly Hollywood Single

A new podcast from Afterbuzz TV which examines the dumpster fire dating scene which is Los Angeles. Join host Adam Carr as he talks to hysterical comedians and creatives in the business, with their own romantic cautionary tales. This isn’t one of those positive, feel good shows, it’s Horribly Hollywood Single

Check out the podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/horribly-hollywood-single-with-adam-carr/id1486288274

Lorraine Lopez is a Mexican American stand up comedian/writer/actress/producer and host of “Lorraine Lopez Loves” podcast. She is an LA native who is not your typical Mexican because she speaks Spanglish and has no kids and should be a great grandmother at her age. She is the Taylor Swift of comedy, self deprecating and uncomfortably honest. Standup was never a career option she imagined for herself until she stumbled upon an open mic after a couple cocktails and a broken heart and realized stand up was her new boyfriend.

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