Lore S:2 Hinterkaifeck: Ghosts in the Attic E:3 Review

Hosts Kari Lane and Mina Wahab dive into the mystery of ‘Hinterkaifeck: Ghosts in the Attic’. Who do you think was the murderer? Our hosts have their theories. The detective trying to solve the crime was one of the highlights of the episode. Did you find it scary? Also, the hosts discuss an interview with Aaron Mahnke about the differences in season two of the show and how it differs from the podcast.

Aaron Mahnke’s podcast comes to life in Amazon Prime’s LORE! Join us for the LORE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW to break down every episode of the hit series as we discuss our thoughts, opinions, and research each week! Join us for potential special guest appearances, insider info, and more!

Writer Aaron Mahnke launched his podcast “Lore” in 2015 and it has gained critical acclaim in the time since, including earning Best of 2015 honors from iTunes. The audio program is now becoming a TV series as an anthology that, like the podcast, uncovers real-life events that spawned people’s darkest nightmares. Taking advantage of its ability to showcase visuals, the series blends animation in with the storytelling and narration. “Lore” has a strong horror pedigree, with some of its executive producers coming from other horror fare, including “The Walking Dead.”

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