Lola Mae Loughran Talks Hit New Netflix Show ‘In From The Cold’

Get to know Lola Mae Loughran! The actress is starring in a one-of-a-kind Netflix show called In From The Cold that is breaking boundaries.

Not many people can say they’re starring in a top 10 Netflix show, but Lola Mae Loughran sure can. The actress portrays Maddie Davis on the hit Netflix series In From The Cold. The series follows Jenny Franklin (Margarita Levieva) a mother who is forced to return to her past as a Russian agent to stop an evil plot.

Loughran talked with Benny Adams on Lets Binge About It where she discussed what it’s like being a part of a groundbreaking series, and what she hopes to see happen for her character in the future.

From the start, In From The Cold was a success debuting on Netflix’s Top 10 List drawing viewers in and keeping them on the edge of their seats. The series was created by Adams Glass, who previously worked on Supernatural and Criminal Minds. Loughran knew the show would be a hit, but she would soon find out the series exceeded her expectations.

“You always hope that a project that you do is successful and when we were filming we were telling ourselves this was going to be a great show. When it came out it was number 4 in the US and 5 in the UK, then it jumped to number 2 worldwide… It’s always a possibility but I think the reality of it being number 2 and number 3 in the entire world is kind of crazy.”

With all of its success, one would think the fame would go to Loughran’s head, but the actress continues to stay humble.

“My family and I have always been grounded. You always hope for the possibility of a show doing well and people loving it because it’s something you helped create, but I’ve never gone on to a project expecting it to change my life. This can disappear at any moment… I’ve always known the reality of this industry.”

Lola plays Maddie, the best friend of Jenny’s daughter Becca (Lydia Fleming). Before she got the role of Maddie, Lola auditioned for a different character.

“I originally auditioned for Becca and 2 weeks after my audition I got a call from my agent saying they might want you to play the best friend, and 2 weeks later I got the part of Maddy.” Explained Loughran. “I hadn’t seen a character breakdown for Maddie so I had no preconceived idea on who she was which I thought was fun because I can come up with a character. I didn’t want her to be the stereotypical sassy best friend even though she has some great one-liners.”

Loughran isn’t the only character in the series to watch out for. Margarita Levieva is defying the odds and breaking boundaries by showing that women can play these types of roles just as well as men. When it comes to Margarita’s character Lola says the character development she witnessed was amazing.

“She was phenomenal and the performance she gives is just mindblowing. How she changes from episode 1 to the end of the series was amazing to watch. It was like a whole different person, but it’s the evolution of a character.”

Speaking of evolution, what’s next for the show? Netflix has not officially renewed the freshmen series for a second season, but if it does come back (and we’re sure it will), Lola already knows what she wants for her character.

“I said my two main conditions were I wanted a scene in a club, because I didn’t get any club scenes, and I either wanted to fire a gun or throw knives. My mom also told me she thinks Jenny should turn into Maddie.” Said Loughran.

Season 1 of In From The Cold is currently streaming on Netflix. You can watch the full interview with Lola Mae Loughran below.

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